#1230 Seen at RAFW – Bella Barber

Photo: Oliver Rose

Name: Bella Barber
Where: Backstage (at plenty of shows), this one was taken at Zambesi.
Occupation: Model. This is Bella’s first fashion week.
From: Auckland, but lived in Dunedin for three years before arriving in Sydney. She’s been here a year and a half.
How it all started: A dark haired Bella moved to Sydney after high school to escape the cold in Dunedin. One day a photographer approached her to take a couple of test shots. They turned out pretty well, but nothing really eventuated until he encouraged her to bleach her hair. She did it and the jobs poured in. Now she describes herself as “The only albino in Sydney.”
Where to from here: New York. In two weeks. For the first time. Best of luck!


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  1. Anonymous says

    not to mention, she was runner up in the cadbury dream model search in 2006 with Nova and did quite a bit of work in auk before syd.

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