#1234 Seen at RAFW – Susie Lau and Tommy Ton

Photo: Oliver Rose

Names: Susie Lau and Tommy Ton.
Where: Outside the media room.
Occupation: Bloggers. Susie writes Style Bubble (probably the most popular personal fashion blog on the planet) and Tommy Ton shoots Jak and Jil (hands down the world’s best street style blog).
From: Susie’s from London and Tommy’s from Toronto.
She says: “It’s my first time down under. My favourite shows so far were Romance was Born – it made me feel really good; Ellery; and Dion Lee, which was the slickest.” As for the New Zealanders, “Zambesi was something I’d wear but the show was a bit long; Stolen Girlfriends Club was fun; and Kate Sylvester was very cute.”
He says: “I just flew in five hours ago but I’m having lots of fun and seeing lots of things I want to take pictures of, so I’m pleasantly surprised. Dion Lee was a very good first show to see. If all the shows could be like that I’d be here every season.”


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