#1235 All smiles at Arnsdorf

Girls smiling backstage at Arnsdorf – photos: Oliver Rose

The first show of the last day of Fashion Week is an ambitious time slot. After four days of back to back shows, appointments, parties and absurdly late nights, it’s a wonder anybody manages to get out of bed at all. I dragged myself out of the house and straight into a taxi that sped me to Arnsdorf’s barely offsite venue – the Museum of Contemporary Art, located just metres from the media room – and I was still 30 minutes late. Good thing these early shows always start hellishly late.

Arnsdorf was well worth the trek. Pretty printed dresses and pants in purples, pinks and creams, a whole raft of military inspired camel pants (I love camel), trench coat dresses and cargo skirts in rusty ochres, earthy browns and dusty pinks.

The clothes were great. But the girls, they were even better. Each one smiled as she walked down the catwalk. And smiles are infectious. Soon we were all smiling. Some of us still are. Though at this stage, I’m not sure if it’s happiness or delirium.


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  1. PonsonbyRed says

    Isaac I totally relate to the ‘delirium’ comment. I worked at NZ Fashion Week last year and by the end of the week, last show, last day – standing outside in the freezing, driving rain, waiting for that infamous blonde to arrive and trying to get everyone in the door and seated, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – I had been on my feet all week and was a tad beside myself.

    Actually, when my girlfriend and I got to my car afterwards, we shivered, laughed and cried on the journey home – thank god for lovely security guys with warm coats who came to the rescue!

  2. Anonymous says

    yes agree more people should be happy in fashion!! would make all of our lives so much easier.. sigh

  3. says

    Beautiful pants in the last photo, they remind me a bit of Dries Van Noten FW09 (except not in prawn pink).
    Thanks Isaac for providing great coverage of the week!

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