#1239 Eight things you didn’t know about America’s Next Top Model’s second New Zealand episode

The ANTM girls at Hobbiton dressed in WORLD

America’s Next Top Model‘s second outing in New Zealand was anti climactic in comparison with last week’s episode. Only one New Zealand designer’s clothes were featured and just two other Kiwis made the cut. I was expecting so much more!

Nevertheless, here are six things you might not have known about the episode.

1. Hobbiton (that’s right, the Lord of the Rings tourist trap in Matamata) served as first location for the girls this week. The challenge was to pose beautifully in a three foot high doorway.

2. Kiwi photographer Guy Coombes shot the challenge – a huge coup for somebody so young (he’s only 24). Sadly, his photos weren’t used in the final judging challenge. He wore a Stolen Girlfriends Club tee shirt on the shoot.

3. Sarah McLeod, who played hobbit Rosie Cotton in Lord of the Rings, featured as guest judge for the episode, hightlighting the fact that America’s Next Top Model is a TV show first, fashion competition second. Besides her role in LOTR, McLeod also appeared in 33 episodes of Shortland Street between 2008 and 2009, as Cindy Watson.

4. The New Zealand accent sounds crazy next to the American accent. I noticed this for the first time while watching Zoe Bell in Death Proof, and it certainly shone through when Sarah McLeod was sitting on the judging panel next to Tyra.

5. WORLD dressed the contestants for the Hobbiton shoot. Back when they were filming the series, word on the street was that the challenge was named Lord of the Bling and that they were using WORLD’s Swarovski crystal encrusted suits. That didn’t happen. Instead, five of WORLD’s distinctively loud outfits were on display. Pity, Lord of the Bling had such a good ring to it.

6. $4500 worth of WORLD product was given away to the winner of the challenge. Whether that was in NZ or US dollars, at wholesale or retail price, donated by the company or bought by ANTM is uncertain at this point.

7. Unrelated (but funny), Lord of the Raaaaangs is how you’d pronounce the movie title if you were from Inglewood, according to Tyra Banks. Holla!

8. And best call of the week, though also unrelated to New Zealand, came from Andre Leon Talley, who said that one of the contestant’s photographs was, “Cover quality for a fabulous beauty [pause] supplement.”


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  1. says

    Watched this just the other night and couldn’t quite understand how Sarah McLeod was relevant to the fashion aspect, though I think you’ve answered that question for me, Isaac.

    Regardless, I get excited about anything which involves New Zealand being showcased internationally so am quite happy with the current ‘supplement’.

  2. says

    I had no idea who Sarah McLeod was before this (don’t watch shorty and forgive me NZ, not a LOTR fan) I thought she sounded Australian next to Mr J!

    And well done Guy!

    Can’t wait for this weeks ep for some more kiwi talent.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hello…Sarah Mcloud! Does she have anything to do with fashion? Besides being a hobbit? You probley explained this but…still!

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