#1240 If you’re only going to buy one pair of super skinny suit pants…

Photo: For Tomorrow

If you’re only going to buy one pair of super skinny suit pants, make sure they look like this. It’d probably help if you looked like this too. Narrow suit pants are pretty hard to pull off (wool suiting is about as unforgivable a cloth as you can get) so the taller and skinnier you are the better. 6’2″ and 60kgs wouldn’t be a bad start. These ones are by Saint Augustine Academy. I saw their show at RAFW last week and kept nudging the girl next to me in my excitement over the extremely well-fitting skinny suit pants that kept walking out (they’re so often done wrong). “Yes, I know,” she whispered through gritted teeth after the third prod. “I’m sitting right next to you.” Enthusiasm isn’t always contagious, it would seem. Who knew?


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  1. PonsonbyRed says

    I lurrve a pair of slim fitting pants on a boy…. mmmm.

    Ooooh, did I just write that out loud??!

  2. says

    the appeal of these is lessened by the though of what the 99.9% of males who would not suit these would look like attempting them.

  3. Anonymous says

    the direction for menswear? variations of this have been around for like the last decade. a bit of loosening up is the direction for menswear.

  4. Anonymous says

    If he was not wearing boots there would be a 20cm gap between the cuff of the trousers and the shoe. Surely this would make them long-shorts. This cannot be the future of menswear!

  5. says

    Friends, I must clarify.

    At no point did I suggest that these pants were the future of menswear, nor that they were even an original concept in menswear. Hedi Slimane was doing skinny suit pants more than 5 years ago for Dior Homme.

    I was simply calling your attention to a good looking pair of skinny suit pants – with the warning that in order to look good wearing them, you should probably be 60 kgs and 6 foot 2.

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