#1241 Snapped – Dayne Johnston

Name: Dayne Johnston.
Occupation: Designer – Zambesi Man.
Where: At home.
From: Wanaka (Central Otago), lives in Auckland.
Favourite place: Antwerp, Belgium. “It’s an old shipping town on the coast. I remember visiting it for the first time and walking down the street in the freezing wind. Everything felt so foreign.”
Obsessed with: “Changing my interiors around at home, The Coral Sea by Patti Smith and Kevin Shields and Finn Andrews’ hat.”


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  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t much like Finn Andrews’ hat but I like his lips… and his eyes… and his… *sigh*

  2. Anonymous says

    Im not sure i could love Dayne anymore than i already do. The best menswear designer in nz handsdown.

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