#1242 Thirty Seconds to Mars Scavenger Hunt

Terry Richardson shaving Jared Leto’s head – photo: Terry Richardson

It’s been a week full of disclosures and confessions, and it’s not over yet. I have one more to make. I’m a Thirty Seconds To Mars fan. (Somewhere out there, a hipster dies. His name starts with R. He knows who he is.) EMI is running a competition right now for Thirty Seconds to Mars fans. It’s a scavenger hunt. The person who wins the scavenger hunt will get to meet the band (fronted by Jared Leto, in case you didn’t know). They’ll also get free tickets to TSTM’s upcoming concert, plus, (drum roll), the ultimate in hipster accessories, a fixed gear bike from T Whites! How does all this involve me? I’m hosting one of the scavenger hunt clues. Clue #23. It’s a hard clue. I don’t know the answer myself, but I assume it has something to do with one of TSTM’s songs.

The clue, and everything you need to know, is below.

Clue #23

If you have a capo on your first fret and are hunting at night, what is the second note of my intro?

– Follow EMI Music NZ on Twitter.
– Hunt out each new clue, every weekday at 4:30PM.
– Solve all five clues in a hunt-week. Each clue will give you one letter or character.
– Make sure to keep all the letters/characters that you solve within a hunt-week, in order!
– With all the letters/characters in order, insert them straight into the end of this web-address: http://www.theinsoundfromwayout.co.nz/
– If you solved all the weeks clues correctly, you will be taken to a web-page which will contain a picture file of a jigsaw puzzle piece. Save it to your computer!
– The final clue of the final hunt-week will be released at 4:30PM on Wednesday, the 16th of June. As soon as you have found the final jigsaw puzzle piece, you will need to put together the jigsaw using all ten pieces to create a ticket.
– As soon as you have managed to put together the ticket, e-mail it as a .JPG file with your full name and contact phone number to: iamasecretsecret@gmail.com
– If you are not one of the first two to e-mail a correctly solved ticket, you will have one final chance at being drawn at random to take part in a 30 Seconds To Mars trivia competition on Thursday June 17th to win one of the final runners-up placings in the treasure hunt.

Just for a little more disclosure, in case anybody’s interested, this is an unpaid promotion. Like I said, I just love the music, man.


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