#1246 Six things you didn’t know about America’s Next Top Model’s final New Zealand episode

Jay Manuel in a Zambesi Mr Black blazer.

America’s Next Top Model‘s finale aired a couple of days ago, and I don’t know about anybody else, but I was disappointed with the lack of New Zealand fashion personnel featured. Sure, they showed some nice Kiwi vistas – those sweeping shots of the mountains, valleys, sea and lakes, but we’ve already seen Lord of the Rings. Show us the people, people!

Six things you didn’t know about the Top Model finale show in New Zealand, below.

1. The girls’ first challenge was a walk off. At thirty five thousand feet. Aboard an Air New Zealand plane. Enroute to Queenstown, complete with onlooking passengers. Only the passengers can’t have been real passengers – unless they’d all consented to signing $5,000,000 confidentiality contracts and talent waivers. And I’d hazard a guess that the plane wasn’t actually in the air, but maybe I’m just being a spoil sport. The winner of the challenge (Krista) was given three thousand dollars worth of Boh Runga jewellery and a trip back to New Zealand in September this year to walk at Fashion Week. Which designers will book a Top Model? That remains to be seen.

2. New Zealand photographer Monty Adams shot the Queenstown challenge, a quintessentially Kiwi nature shoot, titled Ugly Pretty (there was a bit of a Victorian Sweeney Todd thing going on). Local designers’ dresses were used, though not specifically named. From the looks of things, Trelise Cooper’s and Liz Mitchell’s gowns featured, and possibly Sera Lilly’s.

3. After the second-to-last elimination, Krista and Raina, the two remaining girls were coptered to Rakino Island to shoot their Cover Girl commercial at Hurakia Lodge. Kiwi commercial photographer Tony Drayton (the man behind the Max, Overland and Moccona campaigns) was on hand to shoot the stills. Later, he spoke to the camera wearing dark glasses looking very much the ruggedly handsome Shotover Jet operator.

4. The Seventeen cover shoot took place at Parnell’s Studio Lumière, lensed by Nigel Barker.

5. The final runway challenge, held at Auckland Museum, was jam packed full of local faces. Only you couldn’t see any of them, because the camera never paused for a moment to show us who was there. However, I did spot the following people: Sara Tetro, gallerist Michael Lett, Monty Adams, former NZ Top Models Victoria Williams and Laura Scaife and Stephen Marr hairdresser Lauren Gunn.

6. Jay Manuel called the final runway challenge in a Spring/Summer 2010 black gauze Zambesi blazer and pocket feather.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Isaac – That was stuff we all knew.
    What about at final elimination, when Krista was announced as winner she was wearing Zambesi.

  2. Anonymous says

    Not a lot of us managed to get our faces on there!
    Well done to those who did! Especially Guy, Tony
    and Monty! Did anyone else notice one of Montys
    photos was out of focus though?? Opps

  3. says

    Arrrg! Spoiler – ah well, I have watched Part 1 already on Tv Dome (am addicted to that site) and Krista seemed to be the front runner. I liked fiesty Angelea! :-( The Air NZ flight appeared to be all of the ANTM hair & makeup crew. I agree, would be good to have had more Kiwis shown – esp. during the Go-sees.

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