#1255 And now, for the footwear fetishists…

Onny Kaulima is a shoe guy. You know the ones. When I asked him how many pairs he owns, he replied, “Not many these days – around 60.” And those are just the ones he doesn’t wear. His two-day-old online venture, The World At Your Feat, aims to showcase people’s personal style, “as interpreted by their choice of shoe.” Each entry comes with photos and a mini interview about the subject’s footwear, clothing and inspirations. Though it’s still young, Kaulima has already nabbed six people on the site, all of them familiar faces, all of them with quite different styles – Huffer Director Steve Dunstan; Huffer designer Aaron Styles; Moochi designer Penny Holmes; photographer Steven Chee; stylist Marina Didovich; and Stephen Marr hairdresser Mobeen Bhikoo. It’s packed with gems – who knew that the first pair of shoes Steve Dunstan ever wanted were some black karate slip-ons in 1986…

Q&A with Kaulima below.

Are you a shoe obsessive?
Yes, definitely. Like many other people with shoe fetishes, you can never have enough pairs of shoes. Ever! No matter how hard you try and tell yourself – ‘Honestly I’m happy with what I’ve got,’ then BAM! another pair or ten you have to have mysteriously appears. And just like ground hog day – it starts all over again.

If you keep your eye on The World At Your Feat I will be showcasing people who have this very problem, and believe me they’re here in NZ and they’re scary…

What’s your favorite shoe?
There’s too many to have just one so I will name three that I love and can’t be without. My Nike Air Jordan 5’s in the black original color-way, my black Costume National Brogues and last but not least Chuck Taylor hi-tops in ox-white-canvas with the red and blue stripe.

How many pairs do you own?
Not many these days – around 60 boxed pairs. You never count the pairs non-boxed you wear, that’s separate. However you’ll only see me in Vans or white Chucks, they’re easy, have minimal style, comfortable and disposable.

In relation to the amount that I own that’s not many at all – My BF Frank White (that’s his nickname) has around 190 boxed pairs. To be honest at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many you have it’s what it means to you and quality over quantity is definitely better.

Who are all the people you’re featuring?
Mainly friends for now because although they’re my friends I still find them interesting and I basically don’t have anyone else to photograph, yet. Laughs.


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