#1260 Short sleeve shirts, shorts and big hats

Zambesi S/S 2011 – Photos: Marissa Findlay

Name one good thing about winter and I’ll name ten reasons you’re a naive optimist. Winter is overrated. It’s like, ‘Yay! It’s really cold outside! Yay! There are so many clouds in the sky! Yay! A bus just drove through a puddle and drenched me with filthy water!’ Don’t mind me, I’m freezing, living on a couch and having a birthday this week. These are not happy days. On the flip side, I just booked my flights to Europe for the menswear and couture shows next month. What would we do without credit cards? Short sleeve shirts, shorts and big hats are the only things keeping me going right now. It’s a precarious existence.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Cheer up! & Happy Birthday!
    I have to say i loooove winter, with it being colder it means you can wear more peices of clothing and therefore get to play with mixing prints and colours more interestingly than in summer. Plus i love rain and wearing wooly beanies with poms on top :) and soup.. with garlic bread mmmmm..

  2. Rebeccah says

    Yay, your gorgeous niece is coming to visit in 3 days! (Incidentally on your bday!)
    You should come and visit us too, we’ll make winter more fun.

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