#1261 Zanita + Emily Theyers = synergism

Photos: Zanita

I like the word synergy. It’s when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Kind of like galvanised steel. (I think. I failed 4th form science.) These here photos are synergistic for me. They combine two of my favourite things – New Zealand models working overseas (in this case, Emily Theyers) and Zanita Whittington. If you don’t know Zanita, you don’t know. She’s one of those model bloggers but with a twist. After taking about a billion pictures of herself, she noticed that her photography skills were quite good. Now she takes photos of other people as well. See? Synergy. Recently, she’s been doing lots of test shoots with models from various agencies in Sydney. They’ve all been good, but these are particularly lovely. Emily Theyers is incredible. Somebody send that girl to New York, stat.

Check them all out below.

I just found out Katherine got to these before me. My gravy, my gravy.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Emily is great, but Issac, she’s been modelling for years in NZ, where have you been dude? People know about these girls already.

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