#1263 Top ten reasons to wake up in the morning

1. Yoga. I’ve recently started going to Ashtanga twice a week and nothing makes me happier than saying ‘Namastehhhhhh!’ as loudly as possible when everybody’s waking up from meditation.

2. Burger King Whoppers with barbecue sauce. Eat a piece of fruit straight after and it literally counteracts the burger’s fat content.

3. The minty trinity – Burt’s Bees lip balm, Airwaves gum (in the blue packet) and Smoker’s toothpaste. I don’t even smoke but that toothpaste is so strong it literally burns your mouth. In that good way.

4. Having something to look forward to. Nothing beats being happy in the moment, but when all else fails, plan a trip.

5. Polar fleece – I bought a red and green tartan polar fleece zip up cardigan (with a turtle neck!!) from Uniqlo in January. You won’t often hear me espousing the benefits of comfortableness over coolness, but this thing just feels so damn good to wear. I chuck it under a blazer and pretend it’s a sweater.

6. The saying, ‘FML’. So dramatic, so concise, so apt. Who actually swears these days?

7. Tweed blazers and grey flannel pants.

8. My Dad and all his helpful (but often hard to digest) quotes: ‘That which is written without effort is read without pleasure.’ and ‘When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.’ If I had a dollar for every time my parents were right and I was wrong, I’d be hundreds richer than I am now.

9. Alexi from IMBOYCRAZY. She inspired me to write this post and brought up the very good point that the Americanism ‘I could care less’ literally means I COULD care less. Kills me every time.

10. These five words: “Everything’s going to be alright.”


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  1. Matt says

    Smokers toothpaste is great you’re right. A friend (a smoker) always had pearly white teeth! Sans smoking and you’re teeth gleam.

    And Uniqlo is great. cheap cashmere!

  2. says

    I LIKE THIS!!!

    Especially FML, your Dads sayings and planning a trip.

    Ten Things you forgot though.

    1. Having an iPod. Creating a special playlist on it called “High Buzz” that may or may not include The Veronicas.
    2. Walking through the swirly leaves on Mayoral Drive.
    3. A wool coat that fits perfectly for $50 from the Hospice Shop.
    4. Evelyn Waugh “Scoop”
    5. Getting your nails done every week for cheap at Diamond Nails in Ponsonby.
    6. That The Naked and Famous song “Young Blood”
    7. Going to see the orchestra in the middle of the afternoon.
    8. Prime Suspect. Watching all the seasons back to back on DVD and marvelling at the marvellousness of Helen Mirren.
    9.Lady Danger lipstick every day.
    10. Lots and lots of cups of tea.

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