#1264 Down with the gusset!

If I was going to do a top ten reasons to not wake up in the morning, the wearing of Tights As Pants would be right up there in the number one position. I’m heartened that others feel my pain. Nothing, I repeat, nothing displeases me more than walking down the street and seeing a gusset. VPL is bad, but visible gusset is next level. It offends me. It offends my eyes and the eyes of those around me. Thank God for Tights Are Not Pants. I’d go into more detail about my hatred for T.A.P. but Tights Are Not Pants has said everything I feel. Check it out. Forward it to your friends. Stop the madness.


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  1. Anonymous says

    do T.A.P count if the top or jumper is just covering the bum? my friend seems to think that because her oversized top just covers her crotch, that T.A.P is acceptable.

  2. Anonymous says

    that leads on to the next argument, how long does a top have to be before it turns into a dress, and tights are then acceptable to wear with it. ask supre. ask your parents. very different answers. interesting…

  3. oldgirl says

    I hate leggings , and get into trouble in the store when I tell the middle aged women to look at the back of their legs, they do not like it but they do have to be told and some do change to narrow leg pants thank god. But down here in dunedin all the young students all seem to wear tights with either shorts or skirts and you can see that seam at the top and they always seem to be bigger girls .They all need to learn to use a mirror to see what they look like from the back

  4. Anonymous says

    I have to say, this may alter your love for “imboycrazy” as in your previous post…

    “10. a run in your black tights isn’t a problem! no no no! it’s the solution! it’s the way to be! the way to be cooler!”

    She’s clearly not in agreeance with you

  5. says

    This needs to be posted in every Glassons/Dotti/cheap clothes store in the country.

    The worse case I have ever seen was a girl wearing 50 denier tights/stockings (whatever you want to call them) with a normal length tshirt… and that was it. and her friend didn’t have the heart to tell her that you could see all of her knickers.

  6. says

    A gusset is the crotch bit of tights, its kinda…reinforced because when you sit down etc it takes all the strain and so your tights can ladder?

    I disagree with leggings not being pants though. They are clearly pants (as in they have a waist hole and two legs and holes for your feet to come out of), and as long as nothing offensive is on show then they are fine…ie, if you are fat and people can see your cellulite thru them then that is offensive, if you are average sized and you are wearing a shirt that covers both your bum and front bum but comes up higher at the sides, that is not offensive and ok. Especially if your tights are ultra thick/velvet/leather (but not fake denim.)

  7. says

    @ FREVZ.. thank you for asking the question. Cos’ it has been annoying me all afternoon.
    @Juliet Helen… thank you for your informed feedback. Next question what is T.A.P?

    C’mon Isaac..I totally agree with Juliet. Leggings & tights are sooo comfortable.. I love them.tights ultra thick worn with dresses..modesty prevail, is soo o.k..Legging is all I am gonna wear to keep me legs warm this winter Issac.Anyway how come I have not seen you.. it’s been a while.. come to Sara & Tomos engagement.<3

  8. L says

    I always give tis advice to any woman that will listen: Walk away from the mirror in the thing you are wearing and if you see lumps don’t wear it!

  9. Anonymous says

    thank god. someone asked me the other day why i didn’t just wear my tights when going around begging for short for a practice, its because tights are not pants!

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