#1265 1AM’s Purple inspiration – it’s very Terry

Photos: Stephen Tilley for 1AM

Another day, another 1AM photo shoot causing concern. But this time it’s not because of the model’s age, the leaving-way-too-little-to-the-imagination or even the hyper-sexualisation of the models. I’m not going to talk about the cropping of the images where the model has a broomstick wedged firmly between her legs, or the fact that there’s a bondage theme masked by horseplay. These girls are clearly over age, and at the end of the day, if you don’t have anything particularly clever to say, sex always grabs people’s attention. I mean, what better way to sell a few copies of a magazine than suggestive shots of beautiful girls frolicking on the floor?

What I do have an issue with, is the fact that the photos look like a poor man’s attempt to replicate that extremely NSFW Terry Richardson editorial for Purple Magazine.

I have no problem with homages, tributes or inspirations, but be honest about it. And I’d usually suggest waiting until the magazine in question is more than three months off the newsstand.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Bravo, Isaac, I completely agree. And I’m so glad you have the balls to say what so many people think but are too scared to say out loud.

  2. says

    I don’t know – I don’t really see this editorial as copying the Terry Richarson one. I think that style of exploitative photography (which indeed has been made popular most notably probably by Terry) is just very commonly used these days. Regardless though, I hate both editorials.. they try and go for the ‘edgy’ look and they just come off as being cheap and lacking in artistic value…

  3. Anonymous says

    obviously no better thing to write about than the usual 1am slam, giving them a break, it’s different, just because you got a problem with sexuality!
    1am has been doing those kind of shoots since the beginning.
    sorry but nothing new here.try harder for your next post.good luck


  4. says

    sex lead to the birth of you and your ridiculous short handed (useless) comment from whoever you are (you. being all of the anonymous’).

    what’s wrong with the cropping of those photos?

    nothing adds to removing the hand of a model to leave her looking like a disfigured pony.

    something doesn’t add up here. stephen tilley’s photos are usually on form. his work on his web is great, speaks for itself…

  5. says

    bigger and better things should exclude a blair-witch styled shaky cam behind the scenes of that shoot.

    before i stop, five words.


  6. Stil says

    You should change your website to Isaac hates, does itstrike you as quite a lame, small thing to do?, to criticise a magazine you just don’t get. 1am magazine presents it’s own unique take on fashion that doesn’t always have to be taken seriously, stripping back the over lit, over thought, over done work…that is already filling the shelves. Isn’t it small town and kind boring to criticise people for being different, might be time to come out from behind the comp and start creating yourself.If you don’t like it don’t read it, there are loads of magazines on the market out there for prudish, small minds. I appoligise if the sexual references somehow shocked you. Xxxx
    Anyway great images provoke, that’s all they ever need to do.

  7. says

    How about the Kate Sylvester ad’ in the latest 1am magazine depicting a scantily clad young woman straddling a half naked man?

    I must say I was disappointed to see that Kate Sylvester had gone down a similar track to the 1am ‘oversexed’ editorials.

    Perhaps 1am is the sexed up alternative for brands compared to NO! magazine?

    I don’t think it is prudish at all to view broomstick rogered girls as inappropriate. I mean really, has the creative team at 1am run out of ideas? It aint arty, it certainly aint sexy and that last editorial was in my opinion – deviant.

    If it takes sex to sell a magazine – that’s fine, there is a place for that on magazine shelves and that’s wrapped in a brown paper bag next to Penthouse.

    NZ needs better creatives for our fashion editorials.

  8. Jothelion says

    Let’s just check ourselves here for a minute… We are human, we like sex, sex is the simple reason we even here having this discussion. It’s a no brainer… Go on all you prudes have a sneaky look.. You just might like it.. Oooo that would be naughty!! But you just can’t help it… Can you..??? Get ya hands off … ‘your keyboard’ and have a little fun… It won’t hurt…

  9. Anonymous says

    Maybe 1am are just branching out? they are well known overseas .. i guess it maybe small minded kiwis who feel uncomfortable if anything is outside of what they think is “cool” it drives me crazy! come one people lets stop being so judgmental of individuals who are making a statement… and try not to be so harsh towards 1am?

  10. Stil says

    Haha yea Isaac !! Don’t be afraid of those little feelings welling up inside you… Let them go… Celebrate them…we all have them to…at the end of the day, we are all just ‘little creatures’ Live a little!! I know you have a copy under your pillow… Steve…xx

  11. Anonymous says

    It’s my opinion that 1am uses shock tactics to garner attention. The images aren’t original and have been seen in mainstream pop culture over and over and over again. Okay, so the 1am ed’s want to drum up discussion. But, discussion about what!? What are they really trying to convey here? There’s little writing, so it’s kind of hard to tell. Personally, I think everyone should just read Gentle Woman.

  12. Redragtoabull says

    Go Isaac you little devil, throw off those shackles of inhibitions,, set fire to those lost lonely emotions, dance in the ashes of prudism…just try it you never know… you just may like it..???

  13. Anonymous says

    Dear Redragtoabull,

    I’m sure Isaac isn’t inhibited or prudish. Perhaps, he’s just an intelligent guy that can see that 1am’s cheap thrills are a cheap way of selling cheap content to perhaps cheap consumers. Whom, are a little void of taste and education…perhaps.

  14. Anonymous says

    Maybe an example will help things a little. I’m sure we would all agree that in Dan Graham’s film ‘Rock My Religion’ (http://www.ubu.com/film/graham_rock.html), there is a lot of sexual content. Mostly from pop culture and from both sides of the gender spectrum. Unlike 1am magazine, there’s actually an idea and point behind it. It’s not just sexual content for the sake of sexual content.

  15. Anonymous says

    the fact of the matter is that this 1am editorial involves one girl riding another girl whilst holding a whip in her mouth… there isnt anything classy or “fashion” about that

  16. Redragtoabull says

    Has all those haters above thought about what it might be like to see the world with a little sense of humour?? Doesn’t anyone else see that editorial as just a bit of a laugh?? Does everything we see published need artistic integrity, to make it viable.. Please everyone lighten up, it’s not sexploitation, ya grandma may have seen it as such, but HELLO everyone it’s 2010. Those models chose to participate in that editorial, which I can appreciate purely cause it’s a bit of a laugh!! There are thousands of images and advertising out there many tines more explicit than 1am.. Please develop a sense of humour life is fun.

  17. Stil says

    Yay finally a beacon of hope to light the way through this quagmire of prudism.(joke for those without a sense of humour) For the record we did not tell that model to put that broomstick between her legs… She did so becuase, believe it or not models have a sense of honour as well. Everyone have a giggle.
    Isaac just to let you know I don’t have any I’ll feelings of course you and everyone is welcome to their opinion, just Because your opinion is WRONG shouldn’t mean you can’t stand on your box and voice it. Please don’t take life so seriously….Xx

  18. Anonymous says

    terry richardson… uninspiring egomaniac…. 1am… uninspiring NZ egomaniacs…. your point in 1ams defence, at least they don’t slip themselves into every single photoshoot like f**g terry does.

    always amusing to see how many pseudonyms 1am uses to defend themselves with on your website though.

  19. Anonymous says

    everyone reads way to much into this!! on both sides!! the “bravo for saying what people don’t have the balls to” lmfao!! yeah, all those people repressed by 1am magazine, living in fear…. what a joke.
    and also the “omg isaac you must be a grandma if you can’t see the amazingness of this!”
    are you serious?? its one persons opinion about an editorial in a magazine…. that’s all, nothing more, nothing less. Sorry to burst everyones bubble… Read The Guardian, find out what’s going on in the world. Or Monocle magazine…

  20. Redragtoabull says

    Are you serious how can you lunatics be dissing Terry Richardson?? The guy single handedley bought the lowfi back to hi end fashion, he bought humour, he bought the sex back. He gets stars out of their shells and performing lurid wildness for the whole world to see. He bought the ‘we don’t take ourselves to seriously’ baCk to the high end, and made us laugh about it in the mean time.
    The man is one of the great 21st century’s inovator and photographer. The world needs people like Terry, to freshen up a rather bland cultural landscape!! Bring back the fun nineties! And let’s kill this groundswell of prudism invading this decade.

  21. Stil says

    Yea for sure… Just cause you ‘anonymous
    people don’t deem it ‘art’ doesn’t mean it isn’t!! Thank god people like you didn’t stop Andy Warhol from printing a can of tomato soup and call it art, from Jackson pollock throwing paint at a canvas and calling it art!! The world needs people breaking molds, killing the blandness and pissing on peoples pre – conceptions of ‘Art’… Change the world…
    Stand up and be counted You ‘Anonymous’ lemonade lovers.

  22. Stil says

    I just want to say one more thing in defense of the great Terry Richardson!! His work is not about the massive lighting rigs and the mansion vogue locations! Its not about the backgrounds at all, he captures the energy, the personality, and that raw unguarded moment of his subjects, much like David Bailey before him.
    Please dont take things on face value, scratch the surface and you just might find honesty and humour and YES art…
    Love steve xx

  23. Anonymous says

    Dear Stil,

    Good art normally has a good idea behind it, that’s what makes it GOOD. I’m really struggling with 1am. Perhaps you can enlighten me and help me out here?

  24. Stil says

    Art is everything we see.. It is a black square on a black canvas, it is a dead bird on a lonely gravel road, it’s the light that sneaks through the gap in the curtain and wakes you early on Sunday morning, it’s your mothers baking cooling on a kitchen bench, art is lint caught in your belly button, or rubbish sitting in the middle of an otherwise empty field. Art is nothing and everything at the same time… It’s whatever you want it to be, your mind is it’s only boundry….love steve..xx

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