#1268 Gavin Hurley – artist, artisan

All images courtesy of Anna Bibby Gallery

I’ve recently become obsessed with the work of Gavin Hurley. Using cut and paste techniques with card, paper and paint, he creates the most beautiful, simplistic images.

“Collecting textures and papers from old books and second-hand haunts, his portraits have a genteel, even antique, decorum and a childlike naivety. Not portraits in the usual sense, of accurately representing a person, his works are a carefully neutral approximation, given individual personality with a set of clip-art style accoutrements, or in the particular placement of a lock of hair. Even when working with paint on canvas, rather than with paper, Hurley’s collage approach is visible in the curious accessories around his sitters.” (Hanna Scott)

In an age where almost everything is created on a computer – be it graphic design, photography or art – there’s something to be said for real life images that can’t be reproduced with the click of a mouse.


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