#1272 Ben Ford’s new suit

Photo: Olivia Hemus

Remember Ben Ford, New Zealand’s Best Dressed Businessman for 2010? One of the prizes he received was a made to measure suit of his choosing from Working Style. As you can see above, the suit’s been made – it’s a blue two button in Dormeuil flannel. Unlimited Business Magazine has just come out with a photo shoot of Ben in the new suit, and an interview with the man himself. Like me, he believes men look better in plain coloured suits. I do not understand conservative guys who wear crazy pinstriped suits and floral ties. If the word funky springs to mind, run a mile. And don’t take your wife shopping. Nothing screams tragedy like a man forced into a dressing room by his special lady friend, trying on ‘trendy’ pink shirts (I hear they’re all the rage in Europe!). Trust the shop assistants. They know what they’re doing.

Quotes below.

On his own style:
“It’s fairly conservative. I appreciate well made products and I’d rather have quality products that last longer; if you have good shoes they’ll last for 20 years. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily conservative outside the office but it’s what the job requires.”

On his sartorial influences:
“I like simple designs and keeping everything quite narrow and sleek. It probably ties into what people are wearing in the music industry and just wanting to dress your age. You’re going to be wearing suits for 40 years so you may as well wear something that befits your age. I tend to like the suits of Miles Davis and there are a couple of designers at the moment that are doing a pretty good job: Carlo Brandelli who used to be at Kilgour, and Hedi Slimane who was at Dior.”

Advice to fellow businessmen:
“I think most people look better in plain colours, whether it’s just a plain suit or a shirt. For example, you don’t have to get a blue pinstriped suit; you can just get a blue suit, or a blue shirt rather than a check. If you’re not particularly interested in fashion it’s probably best to keep it simple. Also, dress for your body type and don’t forget comfort. You have to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and you don’t necessarily have to dress like the shop assistants, because they’re going to follow the fashions more than you’re able to in business.”


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