#1279 New Zealand’s Next Top Model could be a boy

Pebbles Hooper, me, Ben Boyce – photo: Katherine Lowe

Here’s a doozy – males are allowed to compete on New Zealand’s Next Top Model. According to TV3, it’s against the law to discriminate against people on the basis of gender, so guys are welcome to apply. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a little strange? Are we living in crazy town? It’s like saying men should be allowed to play in women’s rugby teams or women should be allowed to drive. Apparently men who do apply probably won’t make it onto TV, but they might get signed by 62 Models if they’re the right look. Always the comedian, Pulp Sport‘s Ben Boyce minced up in this winning ensemble – pink tank top, denim mini and black kitten heels. One can only assume that 62 took one look and snapped him straight up. Or perhaps he’ll be the first male contestant on the show… Lord knows a transvestite TV star could bring a bit of drama to the mix.


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  1. Rebeccah says

    PS ever wonder why your car insurance cost more than mine? It’s cos you’re a guy! This means, according to insurance companies, (and I know, cos I worked for one for 5 years) that by dint of being male, you are a liability.

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