#1282 Remix issue two looks to Atip Wananuruks – and Avatar – for guidance

Newly refurbished local mag Remix is back for its second issue, and this time around the team have brought Atip Wananuruks on board as guest editor. “Atip’s talents as a stylist and fashion commentator are immensely respected in the NZ fashion industry,” says Editor Tina Moore. With that in mind, we let him take the reigns of our fashion content, and the resulting shoots are just outstanding. We had a very difficult time keeping the fashion section to just 123 pages, as everything he produced was of such high quality. We can’t wait to see how it’s received!” I’ve had a quick scan through the shoots, and there’s something in there for everyone – classic NZ fashion editorials shot outside with little photoshopping, dramatic studio shoots, a bit of menswear and even some couture headgear. My favourite is an Olivia Hemus-lensed story shot on a rooftop. Very cool.

And they’ve even jumped on the Avatar bandwagon with a three dimensional fashion shoot and alternative cover (see below) by Garth Badger.

You’ll need your 3D glasses to get the full effect, but each copy of the magazine comes with a free pair. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the first time a New Zealand fashion magazine has ever gone down the 3D route. It’s pretty fricken cool.

My only gripe is that they didn’t put a local girl on the main cover – that seems to be a bit of a trend in New Zealand publishing right now, but one out of two ain’t bad (the 3D cover model is Red 11’s Grace Hollows).

The new issue comes out next Tuesday.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I have seen a sneak peek of the magazine & I am so looking forward to watching what all you lovely little darlings have to say…Atip has done an amazing job and it is too hard to choose my favourite shoot….well done to Tim, Tina, Atip and all the REMIX team! XXX

  2. Violet says

    If you like 3D covers check out last years Real Groove cover of the Mint Chicks (May 2009). Up for an MPA award this year!. By the way, Remix is looking amazing these days don’t you think?

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