#1283 New Zealand Fashion Week’s talent quest

Mathew Hoghiemster

New Zealand Fashion Week is holding a talent quest of sorts, in the PR build up to the September event. I took part in a talent quest once, as an eight year old boy at Westburn Primary School in Christchurch. I sang Do You Hear The People Sing? from Les Miserables. I didn’t place, but if there’d been a people’s choice award, I would have taken it hands down. The cheers I got as I walked off that stage… But I digress. Fashion Week’s talent quest is slightly different (no singing, dancing or lip synching required). Their one is called NEW TALENT and features five categories – male model, female model, hair, makeup and styling.

The male models are a mixed bag. There’s the moody one – Mathew Hoghiemster, seen above smoking; the curly haired surfer type – Cameron Churchill; and the moustachioed Dave Grohl lookalike – Hunter McLeod. Little to no information is given about each finalist, we don’t know where they’re from, how tall they are, if they’ve modelled before, nothing. What we do know, is that all the winners will get to work on this year’s tenth anniversary Fashion Week campaign.

Cameron Churchill

Hunter McLeod

You can vote for the finalists by clicking here and ‘liking’ the images in each category. The person with the most likes will win. My vote goes to Cameron Churchill – go the curly hair.

And in the other categories…

Female model: Olivia Le Febre – major babe – Katherine blogged about her here.
Stylist: Cameron Lee Putt.
Hair dresser: Valdmir Moiseer.
Makeup: To be honest I’d be fooling myself and everybody else if I even pretended to know anything about makeup so I couldn’t really say.

Join the festivities! Vote for your favourites! Get involved! Who will be crowned New Zealand Fashion Week’s NEW TALENT?? The anticipation is killing me!


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