#1284 Jenna Sauers is gangz

Photo: Jezebel

Jenna Sauers is hands down my favourite ex-pat New Zealander right now. That lady has got balls of steel. She’s not afraid to pen a tell-all story about her time as a model and why she gave it all up (to an audience of millions); she’s quite happy to take on Terry Richardson over his alleged exploitation of models; and now she’s getting one in there for the bloggers. This morning over at Jezebel on her daily fashion news breakdown, she wrote, “I guess I can now exclusively reveal that not only was I not among the bloggers asked to vote on the CFDA Awards, nobody at Jezebel even rated an invitation. But such is the epic struggle for meaning when you write for a little upstart blog with an audience bigger than Vogue‘s.” Jenna, you are my hero.


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