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People are always talking about the death of print, the rise of online media and the battle raging between both. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, especially after picking up INDUSTRIE for the first time yesterday. I believe that magazines still have their place, but they need to adapt with the times. It doesn’t make sense to do a news-type piece in a magazine that only comes out once every three months. So much is covered online now that magazines need to do what magazines do best – meaty profiles, beautiful editorials, a tiny escape from reality – that can’t be readily achieved or replicated online. Don’t try and cover something a blog has already written about three months earlier, you’ll just end up looking outdated and obsolete. Due to higher budgets and the power of collaboration, magazines have the ability to create something whereas blogs will often merely report on what others are doing.

We have a lot of good magazines in New Zealand but so many of them still seem to be trying to keep up on the news front. It’s particularly evident when three different titles come out a couple of weeks apart with very similar content.

Push an aesthetic or push incredible writing.

That’s the future of print, in my opinion.

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  1. says

    Interesting topic Isaac. As online content becomes the dominant form of media, I agree that magazines need to cultivate quality content which can attract and sustain readers. I think your suggestions of either pushing aesthetics or quality writing are both valuable, and something that some magazines are already doing (maybe more aesthetics than quality writing so far).
    We expect more from content we pay for (we value it more too) and magazines really need to step up to offer something valuable that makes it worth our 10 or 20 dollars, rather than paying nothing to view the same content online.
    But I also think magazines do still need to retain some sense of timeliness – we buy them and keep them as snapshots of what is happening now.

  2. Anonymous says

    hey isaac, just wanted to say I really enjoy listening to you on GeorgeFM, and have a fun time away.

    Jen :)

  3. Anonymous says

    what’s up with having an ad for a shop that sells the most hipster of all hipster clothing – ksubi, gram, stolen girlfriends club etc – when you’re always going on about how annoying and contrived hipsters “and their fixed-gears bikes” are??? actually why would such a shop want to advertise on here when you hold that opinion?

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