#1299 d’management pays tribute to Tom Nicon

screengrab: d’Management

Tom Nicon’s Milan agency d’management currently pays tribute to the late model on its website. The inscription reads, ‘A friend to all of us always so special, always so brilliant and such a great model and human being’. His Paris based mother agency, Success Models, have not yet followed suit. Nor have they taken his online portfolio off their website. Like I mentioned yesterday, the mood backstage among the models is one of shock and disbelief, and speculation is rife. Without going into details, the general consensus among those who knew Nicon is that he took his own life. “There are so many rumours going around – it was this, it was that, but I don’t want to hear any of that,” one model told me backstage at Costume National. “I didn’t know him well but I always talked with him backstage. I saw him only two days ago at a fitting. I just don’t understand why he came to Milan if he was feeling like that.”

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