#1300 Snapped at Milan Fashion Week – Day 2

models.com‘s 30th ranked male model (and son of a Russian movie star), Matvey Lykov, enjoying the Italy/New Zealand soccer game in a bar near the Duomo. Lykov is in the cushiest position possible for a male model here in Milan – on a Gucci exclusive. He works with the designers all week doing fittings and looks, doesn’t have to go to any castings, walks in just one show, and gets paid fairly well too. I would say it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, but I won’t – he was rooting for Italy in the game. But who can blame him. It makes sense to support those who support you.

Giorgio Armani taking his bow at his Emporio Armani show this morning. The guy received his applause with so much style you’d think he was a rockstar in a former life – arms in the air, acknowledging every corner of the room. Being the fourth richest man in Italy must not be as depressing as it sounds.

Two thirds of Team New Zealand, Christopher Landon and Courtney Fallow, outside Straf Bar where we watched the New Zealand/Italy game. I don’t think any of us had ever been so excited over a sports match in our entire lives.

After the draw – Courtney Fallow defacing a D&G poster bearing four members of the Italian soccer team.

The defacement.

Team New Zealand, enjoying the draw.


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  1. Jess M says

    The two things I LOVE about this blog:

    – Matvey Lykov is possibly the most beautiful man on the planet, second only to Anthony Boric.

    – Your caption – “After the draw – Courtney Fallow defacing a D&G poster bearing four members of the Italian soccer team”.

    Members. Hahaha.


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