#1306 Snapped at Paris Fashion Week – Day 1

Pharrell Williams at Louis Vuitton. You can always guarantee a Pharrell or Kanye appearance at the Paris men’s shows, but it’s usually Kanye who turns up at Louis Vuitton. (He is the Louis Vuitton Don, after all.) No sign of him thus far, but there’s always tomorrow.

Zambesi Man designer Dayne Johnston after the Rick Owens show. Those dry ice jets spewed out smoke with such velocity I thought the whole building was going to come down. If you look closely behind Dayne you’ll see Olivier Zahm shooting straight up into the smoke.

Chinese stylist Jeff Lee at Louis Vuitton. Lee made quite an entrance to the shows in Paris last season, wearing a full length fur coat and seven inch high heeled boots. Today, however, he was looking positively demure in wedges and tights.

Purple‘s Olivier Zahm after Louis Vuitton.

L’Uomo Vogue‘s Fashion Editor Robert Rabensteiner – one of the more effortlessly stylish men I’ve ever seen.


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  1. Anonymous says

    “usually Kanye who turns up at Louis Vuitton. (He is the Louis Vuitton Don, after all.)” Pharrell did a collaboration with Louis Vuitton . . . .

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