#1309 New Zealanders are taking over the fashion world

Backstage photos: Sonny Vandevelde

I’m not sure if anybody else has noticed, but New Zealanders are taking over the fashion world. Here at Paris Fashion Week, there are about five of us. That might not sound like many, but just think – it’s a niche industry, and we’re a tiny country. I’d assume there are about 500 people (not counting the locals) in town for the shows. Five into 500 equals one percent. But 4,000,000 (NZ’s population) into 6,000,000,000 (the world’s population)? Not even point one of a percent! If you’re wondering, the Kiwis include Zambesi Man’s Dayne Johnston (here to show his spring collection to the European buyers and to buy the international menswear imports for Zambesi), Michael Whittaker (model), Aiden Andrews (expat model), Tim Blanks (writer), and me. Just a quick update on the models – as far as I’ve seen, Michael Whittaker walked Issey Miyake yesterday, and Aiden Andrews walked Rick Owens and Gaspard Yurkievich (in Milan he did Prada, Jil Sander and Burberry, among others).

Photos of them walking and cavorting below.

Catwalk photos: wwd, tfs.


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  1. says

    I love them all, so talented. Michael just seems like the coolest guy. I’m so envious of you getting to go to Milan meeting all famous models and designers. (=

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Ise,

    Vancouver is a bit like Milan – the summer heat comes and goes – mostly comfortable. I notice trees everywhere – Canada has the best trees.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

    Love, Dad

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