#1329 Givenchy Couture – the invite

There are invitations and there are invitations, and then there are works of art – Givenchy’s giant double-sided Haute Couture invite fits into the latter category. It’s the first time Givenchy have invited me to one of their shows, and it’s the first time I’ll have ever gone to a proper Haute Couture salon presentation. Givenchy have decided not to do a catwalk show this season, instead opting for a scaled back (but notably more expensive) setup. The showing will be held at at an eighteenth century townhouse on Place Vendome (near the Ritz Hotel). According to Givenchy’s designer Riccardo Tisci, “I want to make couture even more special than it is, and not just another catwalk show. People can really experience the couture moment: See it, touch it.” The reasoning behind the change in direction? Many of the major couture clients (like royals) don’t attend the shows for privacy and security reasons. This will give them the opportunity to witness the magic of a presentation in a more intimate setting. I’m scheduled for 4:00pm on Tuesday, and who knows, I might have another run in with a Turkish princess. Another advantage for the audience – I reckon there’ll be food.

The Givenchy invitation B side, below.


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  1. says

    WOW! you’re invited to a presentation! that;s way more exclusive, i believe, that a runway show. coz in runways dont they squeeze in some people? at least there’s no more of that! enjoy!

  2. Anonymous says

    Well done Isaac, you are probably forging new ground and making it to shows that no Kiwi fashion insider has ever been to before…. Big Up’s for you.

  3. Anonymous says

    Great invitation. “Art is worship” (Baha’u’llah)

    A 17th century definition of an Ambassador : “An Ambassador is a man of great virtue who is sent abroad to lie for his country.”

    Enjoying your blogs, Isaac.

    William Underwood

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