#1339 Crowds gone wild at Valentino

The final show of the week was Valentino. Held at Place Vendome, the square was literally crawling with screaming teenagers. For the record, this is not a common fashion show occurrence. Maybe during the women’s ready to wear collections, definitely at a Twilight premiere, but not at an Haute Couture presentation. They were there for a noble purpose – and one of my favourite pastimes – a bit of celebrity spotting. Jessica Alba had apparently already gone in by the time I arrived, but The City‘s Olivia Palermo drew cries, Natalia Vodianova got cheers, and Clare Danes brought the house down. Kids were crying, paps were shouting, security guards were shoving.

There’s a real distinction between the photographers outside the shows. On one side, you’ve got the high brow streetstyle guys who are there for one reason – to snap the seriously well-dressed. On the other side you’ve got the paps who’ll go crazy for anybody with a minutely recognisable face. There’s only one person who can get both camps scrambling for the shot and that’s Anna Wintour. Always early to arrive and first to leave, when she walked out of Valentino this evening she was chased by every person with a camera. After she drove off in her unmarked Mercedes, the group dispersed. I overheard a streetstyle veteran saying to her friend, “Well, that’s that then. The week’s over. Anna’s gone home, I guess we can too.” With those words, I put my camera back in my bag and began the long walk to the nearest subway station.


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