#1340 Rolling with the homies

The more I travel, the more I discover just how different we New Zealanders are from everybody else. It works both for and against us. On the plus side, we’re down to earth, we’ll give anything a go, we don’t crack under pressure and we’re very efficient at getting stuff done. On the down side, we’re sarcastic, casual to the point of impoliteness and we don’t seem to understand that not everything in the world is going to be “Sweet as”. People from other countries actually care about things like table manners or their flag. Who knew? So I often find that I have to make an effort when I’m around non-New Zealanders (NB: this doesn’t apply to Australians). Tone down the sarcasm, up the politeness levels etc etc. But it’s always a relief to catch up with Kiwis overseas. Yesterday I spent the day with Jordan and Anouk Rondel, Jeremy Bowden and Harriet Were, laughing about rude waiters. The day before we wandered around Le Marais sharing war stories and eating gelato. Actually, desserts featured a lot in the time we all spent together.

Check out the sweet photos below.


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  1. your mum says

    Lovely – looks like fun. I don’t believe the portion sizes or that you ate so much!! Agree with your comments about kiwis, but you forgot to add our easy friendliness, an endearing trait, where most of the world is rather more constrained and formal.

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