#1342 Paris, I bid you adieu

My body’s at 6:30am, current local time in Dubai (where I’m writing this from) is 8:30am, I’m soon to fly out to Sydney (where it’s 2:30pm) and then onto Auckland (4:30pm). Time’s a tricky bugger, and I’ve had two hour’s sleep. Then there are the temperatures. 30 degrees when I left Paris, 43 here in Dubai, 18 in Sydney, 11 in Auckland. Lucky for me, I’m travelling with a friend who has an Emirates Gold Card so we’re in the business class lounge. All the food, drinks, showers and internet access you could ask for. But all I want is a bed. 22 hours from home. While I am excited to get back to Auckland, it sucks to leave Paris. I love that city. Special thanks to my host Tessa and friends Harriet, Wladimir and Agathe who kept me entertained for the duration of my trip. Abientot mes amis.

More photos below.


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  1. says

    You are heading for a very long travel. I am wishing good luck and have a great travel. Congratulations for your photos. It is all perfect. I love the photo with the helicopters.

  2. Anonymous says

    Love the photos, love the blog. New Zealand will be the brighter for your presence.

    Stay merveilleux.

    Wilhemina Underwood

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