#1344 She’ll be right – first look at Air New Zealand’s new Trelise Cooper uniforms in (or above) the field

Remember those Trelise Cooper designed Air New Zealand uniforms that caused such furore late last year? They’ve arrived. Not officially, but field tests have begun. I snapped the gentleman above (and below) on my flight down to Christchurch yesterday morning. Excuse the amateur photos – I did request some posed shots after the flight, but I was foiled by a medical emergency on board. The moment we landed, paramedics swarmed the plane and I felt a little bit rude distracting the flight attendant’s attention from the ailing passenger.

So allow me to describe the uniform to you in words.

It’s not exactly the same as what we saw in the leaked photographs last December, but it is similar. The most attention grabbing piece is obviously the waistcoat. Plain on the front, wildly patterned on the back with all manners of Kiwiana. New Zealand-centric words – ‘Sweet as!’, ‘G’day!’ and ‘Blow’; and pictures – kiwis, yellow eyed penguins and korus.

The shirt is white with purple pinstripes. The suit is black with silver pinstripes. The tie is a dark jade green with koru-like patterns. I’ve requested images from Air New Zealand so here’s hoping they’ll arrive at some point today.

First thoughts:
– I like the waistcoat. It’s kitsch as all hell, but I believe New Zealanders will enjoy it. Foreigners on the other hand? Remains to be seen.

– Why does the shirt have purple pinstripes? With all those patterns and colours going on, it’s my opinion that a clean white shirt would be a better look.

– The jade green tie is very attractive. Wait till you see it. And it’s about a billion times better than that fluro green monstrosity from the leaked photos.

– The suit needs to be trimmed down. Baggy, wide-legged pants are a thing of the past. I understand that a fit is required that works on everybody, but Zambesi’s pants look a lot slimmer, and therefore a lot smarter.

– Why the black suit? Granted I wasn’t crazy about the green Zambesi-designed suit, but it grew on me as time went by. The Air NZ women are going to be colourful and patterned, so why can’t their male counterparts have something a little more interesting than black pinstripes?

– The word ‘Blow’ might be misunderstood and deemed offensive by non-New Zealanders. To everybody not from New Zealand, it generally refers to a sexual act or cocaine.


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  1. says

    I usually fly Air New Zealand because I can’t be bothered with the unprofessional crap on the budget airlines – “Your cabin crew today are Mandy, Candy & Randy.”

    That waistcoat belongs on Randy.

  2. Anonymous says

    Question: Who says, “blow” these days?
    a) Fifty year-old New Zealand designers.
    b)People who partake in the sale or distribution of illegal drugs.
    c)People who partake in a specific sexual activity.
    d)All of the above.

  3. says

    I really wish we had a picture of the word ‘blow’ on the waistcoat. I think I would be in fits of giggles if I saw it in real life.

  4. says

    omgosh that thing is hideous! it looks so tacky – but not in a nostalgic bring back the 80s way, but in a “put that back in the closet” way.

    All those prints – it must be a joke, emirates uniforms are so classy. ours is blazoned with out of date slogans?



  5. Anonymous says

    looks like a high school art board, where mccahon, binney, hammond, cotton etal. were the artist models

  6. says

    i saw the pink cabin crew dress on a flight from melbourne last week. i was actually pleasantly suprised with how it looked in reality given the fact i had initially turned up my nose at the pictures i had seen online. i’m not so sold on that waistcoat but the hilarity of ‘blow’ kind of makes up for the kitschiness of the print.

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