#1345 The facts of life

1. For the past two or so years I’ve had an obsession with buying shoes a little bit too small for me and stretching them out. Kind of like how you’re supposed to do with jeans. I forget the reasoning behind this madness, but after experiencing the most insane blisters of all time while walking around Paris, I’ve ditched those size seven Chuck Taylors. The moral of the story: buy clothes that fit.

2. I flew back into New Zealand on Monday afternoon, went to sleep at 7pm. Woke up, flew to Christchurch, peeped the new Air NZ uniforms, went to sleep at 7pm. Right now I’m bed blogging at my Grandmother’s house. Good thing she has central heating. It’s minus two degrees outside.

3. It’s really difficult figuring out what to wear when you’re used to dressing for one season and all of a sudden you get thrown into another. I looked like a fool when I first arrived in 28 degrees Milan, and I looked like a fool when I arrived back in sub 10 degrees New Zealand. Summer solution: keep it simple in jeans, Chucks (the right size) and a plain white tee shirt. Winter solution: don’t wear all of your clothes at once and hope they’ll look good. They won’t.

4. I hate shopping, so buying presents for people while I’m overseas is my worst nightmare. I always leave it to the last day and just about have a heart attack running around trying to choose appropriate items. I’ll let you in on a secret: I couldn’t find anything for my mother or grandmother, but Queen Street Borders is selling these amazing French journals and sketchbooks right now… If you come back empty handed, purchase faux-international gifts in your hometown and just chuck them in a bag from overseas! The perfect crime.

5. Indie music might be all the rage, but nothing gets the babes dancing like hip hop. Which do you prefer – shawties pop, lock and droppin, or hipsters jumping up and down? DJs, take note.

6. Don’t watch sad movies on long plane rides. Nothing screams desperation like a passenger crying into their microwaved scrambled eggs.

7. If you want to try and pick up a fellow passenger, do it at the end of a flight. I can imagine (yes, imaaaagine) few things more awkward than 11 more hours next to the girl who just turned you down cold.

8. Raw denim is the best denim. And the best raw denim I saw in my travels was at Uniqlo. Japanese-made jeans, insane quality, 39 euros. That’s less than $NZD80. Beat that and play fair.

9. The two most stressful words in the English language when spoken by your Mother? Calm down.

10. Be enjoyable company. Just because your life sucks, doesn’t mean you get to take it out on everybody around you. We’re all guilty of it. But the only people who should regularly see you angry or upset or depressed are family members. Negativity begets negativity. Positivity does the same. Which do you prefer to be around?


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