#1347 Zambesi’s Dayne Johnston was pick-pocketed in Paris

Dayne Johnston at the Rick Owens show.

Zambesi’s Dayne Johnston wrote a diary for Viva while in Paris, chronicling, among other things, his experience being pick-pocketed in an Australian sports bar. “[W]e head off to a skanky bar filled with Australians to watch the New Zealand versus Italy football game… Then… disaster! I walk into the packed bar only to realise pretty quickly that I have been pick-pocketed. My wallet and passport both gone. I have no identification and no money, not even enough to catch the Metro back to the hotel.”

On a happier note, he managed to take in a few shows, including Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Comme des Garcons and Raf Simons, and styled a Zambesi shoot with Michael Whittaker for iD.

“Most of today I have also been trying to organise a photo shoot with a New Zealand photographer, Rebecca Thomas, who is now based in London and who has worked for the likes of iD, Tank and Nylon magazines. She is in Paris working on several other jobs and keen to shoot Zambesi menswear on Michael, a submission for iD magazine. We go to a bar, La Perle, to wait for him… By the time Michael manages to get to us, we have been waiting several hours and Rebecca has decided she likes the bar so much she wants to shoot there. So Michael gets changed in an alleyway and she shoots him in the bar and even in the toilets. He ends up looking quite vampire-ish, which I really like.”

As for the Zambesi showroom set up in Le Marais, “[I]t’s exciting to hear that the showroom has 34 appointments organised with buyers, including representatives of well-known stores like Barney’s, Collette and Saks… Everyone has commented on the great quality of our clothes – and these people have seen hundreds of collections so that’s really great to know. I really enjoy hearing feedback of any kind actually, because it makes you want to work harder. It challenges you – showing clothing on a world stage just motivates us to be better every time.”


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  1. Anonymous says

    Wow. I saw you and Dayne on the flight back to auckland but cudnt master the gut to say hi. HI!

    p.s. heart zambesi

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