#1355 The girls of Redken

Nicole Clulee – Photos: Katherine Lowe

Last night Redken held a show celebrating their 50 years in hairdressing. Katherine and I went along to check out the girls, the up-dos and the wigs. It would seem the company’s Creative Director Richard Kavanagh shares my philosophy – big hair is good hair. All our photos below, including Zippora Seven, Derya Parlak, Phoebe Leonard, Imogen Watt and Nicole Clulee.

Derya Parlak and Zippora Seven

Imogen Watt

Me and Redken’s Creative Director Richard Kavanagh


Ella Verberne

Phoebe Leonard and Derya Parlak

All the girls.


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  1. Anonymous says

    That was a great hair show, Love love That girl Ella.
    Who did the styling, because that was the only thing letting the show down.
    Was it in house?i assumed,
    maybe next time they should work with a proper Stylist? don’t you think?
    Otherwise that was a great night.

  2. Hannah says

    By proper stylist, do you mean a malicious one who constantly puts other stylists down in order to feel better about themselves?



  3. Anonymous says

    Yes !loved the show.. Lots of talent there!! The hair the models and styling was brilliant..but where there is talent there is always jealousy sadly:(:(

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