#1356 Jumping on the Vans-wagon

I have been a Converse Chuck Taylor wearer for quite some time now. By quite some time I mean eight years – before, during and after my gangsta – Nike Vandals; rock’n’roll – pointy brown winklepickers; and Dunlop Sports phases. Navy blue high top Chucks. So confident was I in their ability to go with everything that when it came time to pack for my recent European trip, I decided to take that one pair alone. It was a good call – they went with everything. But they also absolutely destroyed my feet. The blisters were diabolical. So when I came back home to New Zealand, I retired them. For the past week, I’ve been wearing my half-size-bigger cream Comme Play Chucks, but they don’t go with my beige pants, they don’t go with my beige socks, and they’re a little too camp for an everyday shoe. While I was in Paris, I hung out with Jeremy Bowden who kept wearing these awesome beat up blue low top Vans. They were the perfect summer shoe – super fresh when worn sockless and so cool with cuffed jeans.

I spent most of the day today doing a photoshoot for Newmarket store Qubic with James K Lowe. At the end of the day they presented me with the above pair of Vans. I reckon they’ll be my new uniform shoe.


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  1. Anonymous says

    oh heaven forbid that someone may have kankles. sorry that everyone isn’t as perfect as you honey pie

  2. Atip says

    sockless will make your cute feet all odour-y!!!! Babes go to your nearest cute mall and find the dr sock stall and get yourself some wee nude sockettes.

  3. Anonymous says

    a pretty god damn generic look if you ask me. You should have atleast thought of something cooler espicially after being in Europe! now your just going to look like every other guy that shops at area 51

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