#1357 Adrian Grenier – the Teenage Paparazzo Q&A

Here’s a little video I shot at the Teenage Paparazzo Q&A with Adrian Grenier on Sunday night. It covers three questions. How accurate is Entourage? Did you really jump out of that plane in Season Seven? Are there any New Zealanders working behind the scenes on Entourage? Watch the video to hear his answers, and see if you recognise any of the voices… One of them is me!

Quotes below.

On the accuracy of Entourage:
“It’s frighteningly accurate… Doug Ellin, the creator, often borrows from real life stories… It’s an enjoyable show for people on many different levels but I’ve heard from people within the industry that they really relish those inside truths that they experience on a daily basis.”

On the skydive in Season Seven:
“What did it look like?”

On New Zealand:
“We love you guys!”


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