#1360 WORLD’s designer parody

Photo: Pebbles Hooper

It’s my opinion that we’re all shameless label bashers. We’re obsessed with logos and status symbols and things that assist to elevate us above our peers. Even the edgiest, most intellectual, complex fashion lovers will cry if one of their Margiela-identifying stitches comes loose. I thought I was above all that. I really did. That is until I found myself liking a sweater lots the other day because it had Comme des Garcons written on it. And, yes, I was liking it because of the Comme des Garcons that was written on it. Sad, I know. The problem is, most of us can’t afford to just buy designer labels willynilly. And, besides perfumes, most of the labels don’t create easily accessible entry level products. If Karl Lagerfeld brought out a range of cool white tee shirts with the Chanel logo printed in black, they’d sell out within minutes. But he probably won’t. So that’s where the designer parody tee shirt comes in. Many have done it, many have been sued in the process, many customers have walked away with the contented feeling that comes with owning a piece of designer logo-ed clothing, but, like, the cooler, more street version – remember Ksubi’s Chanel, XLarge’s YSL and Stolen Girlfriends Club’s Comme Play?

WORLD has gotten in on the action, with this soon-to-be-released print. Reading ‘BAL CI GA BY N CO L GH SQ IÈ E pour WORLD’ (which, if you filled in the gaps, would become: Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière pour WORLD), the print comes in a limited edition singlet available from October onwards. It’s the best I’ve seen in a long time. And, being the giant sucker for anything French that I am, I would quite like to own one. There are only two problems – I’m not a girl, and I don’t like singlets (not just on me, but on everyone). But if they bring that bad boy out on a crewneck sweatshirt, I’ll be first in line.

Last thing – alongside being a sucker for labels, I’m also a stickler for correct grammar and spelling. So here’s my question to WORLD: what’s with the gap between the O and the L in Nicolas? Some secret, silent, invisible letter I’m not yet aware of? Pray tell.

(No doubt now that I’ve mentioned that last point I’ll go back through and read this post and find numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Pride comes before a fall, you know.)


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  1. Anonymous says

    WORLD collections are exactly that, parody’s to other designers collections. Sadly, the execution equates to refurbished pattern making of basic blocks learnt in years 1 of any design degree. I do like this print however. Thanks Isaac

  2. Anonymous says

    this singlet will no doubt cost over $100.00 and they buy the singlet for less then $6.00. Disgusting really.

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