#1363 And the best jock call of the day goes to… Francisco Lachowski

Francisco Lachowski – Photo: NY Times

Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski was interviewed by The Cut this morning, and he came out with this gem of a call: “When I was 16, I was so skinny. I went to the gym all day for three months and did weight machines. My entire body changed. My mother told me to stop because I became too strong. Now, with modeling, I don’t really get to work out. I continue to play sports and do mostly cardio. I am lucky: My body has good muscle memory.” You’d be amazed at the amount of times I’ve stood backstage near a group of beefy male models discussing diets and workout programmes like you and I would discuss the weather. Make no mistakes, I’m not poking fun, their bodies are their business and the best way to grow that business is by taking care of… business.

Why am I writing about the workout habits of male models? Two reasons. First, because I loved that line about muscle memory, and also this one about the difference between the boys and the girls (from the same interview): “Female models diet more than men. If anything, men watch their carbs.” Yes they do. And second, because I have once again become obsessed with working out.

More than two years ago, when I first started this blog, I wrote a post about how obsessed I had become with working out. It was, in fact, the sixth post on Isaac Likes. We’re going way back into the archives. Anyway, that obsession was short lived. I think I quit the gym after about two months (if that).

I moved into a new apartment last week, and there’s a gym in the basement. I’ve been hitting it every day. Nothing too heavy, just a bit of cardio, some sit ups, bicep curls, the rowing machine and a few chest presses. You see, when you spend as much time as I do sitting in front of a computer, you really begin to wonder about your health and well being. And your waistline. The time has come to make a change.

Whether or not my muscle memory is as good as Lachowski’s remains to be seen.


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  1. Anonymous says

    make sure you devote some time to legs, very important for balance, overall strength and mass not to mention symmetrical appearance :-)

  2. doctor proctor says

    legs are a bit of an effort. the most i do with my legs is walk. already have to use a horseshoe and lubricant to get into my skinny jeans.. putting on leg muscle could prove to be detrimental

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