#1368 What is it with fashion and con artists?

Image: Geil

Currently making the blog rounds is this story about Dan Mancinetti (mentioned in this 2008 Sydney Morning Herald article), an alleged confidence man who has reportedly been going from city to city claiming to be a freelance editor for titles like Arena Homme Plus, New York Times, Upstreet, Surface and Flaunt, when in actual fact, he’s just a naughty liar. According to fashin, Mancinetti has hit London, New York, Milan, Berlin and even Sydney, leaving a trail of debts, embarrassed PR agents and scammed contributors in his wake. How does he get away with it? One can only assume he adopts the fake-it-till-you-make-it policy. Everybody in fashion is desperate for exposure, so when a genuine sounding guy calls up ‘from Arena Homme Plus‘ asking to borrow pieces from a designer’s new collection, or wanting a young writer to submit a 500 word interview on an up and comer for the New York Times, who’s going to say no? It’d be a dream come true. The best bit of the story though – Mancinetti apparently pretended to start up his own magazine, named Geil, and took on the role of at least four different members of staff with aliases, fake email addresses and everything.

UPDATE: It would seem Mancinetti has a magazine named Geil with a functioning website (though the stockist link doesn’t appear to work). The word geil translates to ‘horny’ in German.


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