#1371 New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 2 – what we know so far

We’re eight days out from the premiere of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, and you know what that means – Give me models, give me money, plus Colin Mathura-Jeffree, a little fashion and some girl-drama thrown in along the way. The first episode will see the 33 shortlisted girls fly to Wellington to compete in a catwalk challenge high above the harbour. The 33 will then be whittled down to the final 13 who will compete… to become… New Zealand’s Next Top Model.

While I can’t name the person shooting the first episode’s challenge, I can reveal all of the photographers guest starring on the show. They are Craig Owen, Jackie Meiring, Russ Flatt, Fiona Quinn, David Shields, Robert Trathen and Tony Drayton. Of those nine, Owen, Meiring, Flatt and Drayton took part in the first series, while Quinn, Shields and Trathen are Top Model rookies. Notably absent is Karen Inderbitzen Waller, who shot the girls on a dramatic black sand beach location last season. Also absent is judge/photographer Chris Sisarich, but no doubt he’ll be thrown in as a surprise towards the end of the series.

Helping the girls along the way are two model mentors – Ngahuia Williams and last season’s seventh-place-getter Lucy Murphy.

From what I’ve heard, stylists working on the show include Kylie Cook and Atip Wananuruks.

A source told me that unlike last season where there was no fee provided to designers for appearing on the show, this time around money will be changing hands. No idea how much though.

The Herald recently reported that Dunedinite twins Nellie and Elza Jenkins will compete on the show – they are in the teaser ad, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve made it through to the top 13. If I was a reality TV producer though, identical twins would be right up there on my must have list.


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  1. Andrew says

    Lucy? Really?? The twins are very pretty….ANTM Cycle 7 had identical twins, they were placed 4th and 5th.

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