#1373 Nine year old Cisco Seven joins Zippora and Jasper in the family business

Photo: Karen Inderbitzen Waller

Most of us are lucky to have just one good looking person in our family. Two, and fate was smiling. But three? Forget about it. Meet the Sevens. First there was Zippora, touted as New Zealand’s answer to Kate Moss; then Jasper (currently working up a storm internationally with his model girlfriend Dempsey Stewart); and now the Sevens can add another string to their model bow. Nine year old Cisco is the youngest child in the family and has just shot his first campaign – alongside big brother Jasper no less – for Crane Brothers. Lensed by Karen Inderbitzen Waller, the campaign is the second in a series of brother-portraits shot for the label’s new Black Sheep line (last season Hal and Nathaniel Cheshire took centre stage). “I have watched Jasper’s success internationally and was desperate to use him for our Summer campaign,” said Murray Crane. “Given that I wanted to continue with our theme of shooting siblings it was great to get Cisco. His involvement meant we could use Jasper.”

But according to the siblings’ mother Ursula, modelling is not on the cards for Cisco. “Cisco is NOT going to be a model!” she wrote to me yesterday. “…He has done a shoot once before with Steve Tilley and Jasper and Zippora and loves doing anything that his big brother and sis do as of course he idolises and misses them. He did this shoot as we will get a gorgeous brother portrait shot by Karen Inderbitzen Waller.”

Modelling is one of those jobs that chooses you as much as you choose it, and with that family alumni I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more of Cisco in the years to come. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that there’s a resemblance between him and Jasper, but even more so between him and Zippora. I’ve seen some of the finished campaign shots and his lip curl would give his big sister a run for her money.

Karen Inderbitzen Waller told me that shooting Cisco was something she had wanted to do for a while. “To see how proud of his little brother Jasper was made it a pretty cute day. It was quite odd to be looking at Cisco through the camera as sometimes I could see Zippy staring back at me! This shoot reminded me so much of my first shoot with Zippora when I photographed her for Kate Sylvester’s WOLF campaign in 2006. She was so young and it’s been so great to watch her grow up, along with Jasper who are two of my all time favourite models ever. That I was able to work with their little brother Cisco for this portrait series of brothers for Crane Brothers was something special. The Sevens to me are such an inspiring sweet family and to see their success internationally is brilliant. It hasn’t changed them a bit.”

The full campaign is scheduled to roll out in fashion magazines from next month.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Their parents should totes get their eggs & sperm frozen so future generations can enjoy little Sevens too.

  2. Anonymous says

    They need to have more kids, i’m thinking an army of sevens would be a really hot Twenty-Seven Names campaign.

  3. Charlotte says

    Such a cute, though seriously good looking kid. I agree, I see more of Zippora in him than his brother, he’s a younger boy Zippy.

  4. says

    This photo is beautiful- it gives me the tingles looking at it. Loved the photo of Nat and Hal and this one is just as beautiful, Cisco’s innocence really gives this picture another level of beauty.

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