#1374 Ella Drake makes The Cut

Photo: NY Mag

She’s had a good run of late, New Zealand’s Ella Drake, what with her Gucci Fall 2011 show exclusive and that cushy fit modelling gig working alongside Frida Giannini on the Gucci looks. And with the Spring shows around the corner, a bit of extra publicity won’t hurt her chances one bit. Just this morning, NY Times‘ fashion blog The Cut ran a profile on Drake, calling her, “Frida Giannini’s Bella Di Giorno”. Not bad for a girl who struggled to book anything significant in the local New Zealand market. Oh sweet irony. Lady foresight is a fickle mistress.

Quotes below.

On the lack of models hailing from New Zealand:
“New Zealand has girls and guys overseas doing great stuff, but I suppose the number of models is relevant to our population.”

On working alongside Frida Giannini and pre-Gucci show jitters:
“I had been working with the Gucci team solidly for a week before the show, so I had time to settle in with the team, the other models, and understand the mood of the collection. Frida has an assuring air about her. She checked every detail before walking, and when she gives you the okay, there isn’t a doubt you look less than amazing.”

On her beauty secrets:
“Sleep, hydration, and family and friends to keep you in check.”

On upcoming work:
“I’ve been working on editorials, and have just shot a bunch of look books for Gucci, Dsquared2, and Cavalli. Campaigns not yet, but six months ago I wouldn’t have imagined I’d ever book a Gucci exclusive. Who knows what’s next — it’s all a bit mysterious.”


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