#1379 Jessica and the Bear

Photos: Charles Howells

There’s a certain style of editorial that I associate with New Zealand fashion magazines – a little grungy, a little raw, tops slipping off the shoulder, one bra strap (or cup) exposed, an emphasis on edgy-cool as opposed to glossy-pretty. No doubt it’s the influence of magazines like Pavement and NO, photographers like Derek Henderson and Karen Inderbitzen Waller and stylists like Zara Mirkin. It’s obviously a popular and successful aesthetic – just the other day I found myself marvelling at a shoot of that nature. But sometimes it’s nice to be blindsided by something completely different, like this editorial by Charles Howells from the latest issue of Pilot. I was obsessed the moment I saw it. It reminds me of two quite different children’s books – Where The Wild Things Are and Le Petit Prince (see below, you’ll understand why). It’s naive and hopeful and playful and it showcases our varied landscapes. I have it on good authority that Pilot‘s Creative Director Andy Pickering plays the part of the bear on the swing. Who said fashion can’t be fun?


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  1. Jess M says

    I loved it…right up till that last shot (no pun intended). To me, this image made the series lose their playfulness and magic.
    To be honest, it made me sad! I thought the bear was her FRIEND.

  2. Anonymous says

    All the shots would have been completely beautiful, without the bear, is a gimmick really necessary?

    And poor Jessica, all those amazing shots with the silly bear, not too suitable for her portfolio out there on the international market.

  3. caitlyn says

    shame on the editor of pilot, and you isaac. this shoot is not original at all – this concept has been done over and over again. you can’t hold it up as groundbreaking new zealand fashion or as something to be ‘blindsided by’, it’s just an average copy of somebody elses nice idea. i’m not in this industry so i’ve got no axe to grind, however, i am a consumer of magazines such as pilot, and i would expect more.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hmm – why blatantly copy such a distinctive subject matter? I mean its impossible to be totally original but I did a double take when I saw this and not in a good way. I do expect a lot from Pilot – loved the cover shoot though – so beautiful.

  5. Anonymous says

    Isaac, who styled this? why don’t you ever acknowledge any other stylists/photographers or creatives other than the same names you always bring up? there’s plenty of other better talented stylists out there that are doing far more interesting things than Karen or Zara.Shame on you.

  6. Anonymous says

    The stylist info, along with photographer, model etc is all included in the first shot. Not really necessary for him to write it again. Chill. Out

  7. Anonymous says

    The shoot is nice but aside from the second to last shot, I agree with some of the comments, that the shoot is nothing spectacular.
    And to the above comment, there are plenty of variously talented NZ stylists and photographers. I don’t understand why so many feel the need to slander other people’s work in order to acknowledge another’s.
    Oh well.

  8. Anonymous says

    dear (mean and jealous) anon 9-41AM
    there is a reason why zara, karen and significant others are mentioned all the time:

    A) because they are good / great and working to an internationally acclaimed level
    B )because they are actually working
    at this as a living and not just fake mean wannabes.

    the others you claim to note are so fantastic (yourself maybe?) are not mentioned for the following reasons:

    A)because they are not doing anything great or just copying others that do. or not doing anything at all worth note.
    B)because they are crap and should prob consider a new profession.

    Isaac is entitled to rate whomever he pleases, its his blog and he happens to know his shit.
    maybe you should grow some class and actually have the balls to comment that kind of jealous mean hatred under your own name if you stand by your (valued?) opinion so much.


  9. Anonymous says

    what i enjoyed most about this shoot is that it is printed on different paper to the rest of the magazine. the colours look really nice..

    & speaking of Derek Henderson and Karen Inder-bitzen, i was intrigued to see that they both have full editorials in this same issue of pilot – pretty great looking issue too i have to say…

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