#1380 21 year old male model Luiz Freiberger is dead

Photo: Didio Photo

Word has begun circulating that 21 year old Brazilian male model Luis Freiberger has died. Online magazine World of Models broke the news last night, dedicating their latest edition to Freiberger: “Em memória de Luiz Freiberger (in memory of model Luiz Freiberger who recently passed away)”. Besides the World of Models mention, there don’t seem to be any news sites with additional information, but a quick scan of the late model’s Facebook page suggests he passed away sometime between the 28th and the 30th of July. Freiberger’s Facebook wall has become something of a shrine, with friends and fellow models posting hundreds of condolence messages. Many speak of experiences modelling or living alongside Freiberger in various countries around the world.

The cause of death is unknown, however on the 28th of July Freiberger posted a fairly heavy public message on his page: “GOD OPENS OUR EYES, IN THE WISDOM, FORCE AND IN FREE OF ALL EVIL… AS ANY HUMAN BEING CAN PLAY WITH THE HEART OF A PERSON AND CAN MAKE an evil so great… THANK GOD FOR ALL THIS BECAUSE YOU ARE GOD LIVE OWNER OF TRUTH AND I opened my eyes MY MIND AND MY HEART… THANK GOD ALIVE!” (Translated from the Portugese.)

Luiz Freiberger is the ninth model to die in the last two years, and the second male model to die in the past two months. French 22 year old Tom Nicon died on June the 19th, the day before the Milan Menswear shows began.

RIP Luiz Freiberger.

UPDATE: This message has just been posted on Luiz Freiberger’s Facebook page: “With the permission of Luiz’s brother Fernando, I am formally releasing the information of how Luiz has died here. There are news circulating around that he had died of drug abuse. This is not true. Luiz died in a friend’s house, while deciding on self medication as he was suffering from flu. He died of cardiac arrest as a result of mixing medication.”

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