#1381 Crane Brothers Black Sheep take two

Photos: Karen Inderbitzen Waller

Last week I posted a teaser image from Crane Brother’s Spring/Summer Black Sheep campaign featuring Jasper and Cisco Seven, and today we have the full lookbook. The collection has pretty much everything I’m after for summer. Beige pants – check. Button down shirts – check. Cotton suits – check. Casual jackets, sheer short sleeve shirts and washed double breasted blazers – check, check, check. I love the idea of shorts suits, but they might be a little too full on to rock all in one go. You gotta try these things though. The only bits I’m not so sure about are the light blue shirt with those massive pocket flaps (big ups to the Brady Bunch?), and the green blazer with black buttons – I think light coloured buttons would look a lot cleaner. This is the second Black Sheep collection and it’s a big step forward for the brand. The range captures the trends from the recent European summer shows and offers a palatable gentleman’s alternative to board shorts, jandals and wife beaters. I still think it can be pushed a little further, but this is definitely a step in the right direction for New Zealand menswear.


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  1. Anonymous says


    Jasper is a good looking man but even he can’t pull off those shorts!

    the poor kiwi men who aren’t models don’t have a hope?!!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love it, feels fresh and makes me want to pack a suitcase full of those shorts suits and go to south italy!

  3. Anonymous says

    Do you know when this collection will be available? And will it be available in the Crane Brothers stores? Or through stockists?

    Also, how much do you think the beige shorts will retail for?

  4. info@crane-brothers.com says

    The Collection will be available to purchase in September, Shorts probably October. These will retail for approx $269.00. All Suiting can come with a light button on request.

  5. Anonymous says

    Man this is suppose to be the future. You know, hover boards and jet-packs, robotic maids and flying cars.

    Can we at least dress like its 2010 not 1951.

    Where is the next level ish? This looks like my granddads wardrobe.

    The model puts me off to, seriously looks ill.

  6. PonsonbyRed says

    I agree with the 1st poster re Jasper being a good looking man but even he can’t pull off those shorts.

    I look at that 1st outfit and think to myself Emperor’s New Clothes… ie am I the only one that thinks that that particular look is just, eeeeeuw???

  7. Anonymous says

    i cant beleive the above crap about shorts! OMG its ridiculous to say those are not ok legs OR shorts,oh pleeeeasssee!
    some of the stuff that kiwi men get around in in the summer is a crying scary shame. if only men would actually dress like this. has no one seen lanvin lately, wake up now please.

  8. PonsonbyRed says

    I am fully awake Anonymous, but I’m sorry, I stand by my opinion (and it is only my opinion) so don’t stress too much.


  9. Anonymous says

    “wake up now please.”

    And smell the whinging hipster? you fail to realise most men, don’t give a toss what they wear. Is this not okay?
    Do we have to all follow the trends. It would start to look boring very quickly leading people to find the next trend. It would then be you wearing that crying scary shame while everyone else has moved on.

    One mans junk….

    No I don;t where I am going with this….

    How about stick to criticism of the clothes not the people wearing them?

  10. Anonymous says

    reminder to anon 5:54
    this is a FASHION blog. and we are commenting on FASHION. get it?
    if its all too much for your stubbies wearing anti-fashion male testosterone self then i suggest you find a sports blog where you feel more comfortable.
    oh but i do agree with your final and only lucid comment that we should steer the criticism away from the models.

  11. nom says

    I would argue about this being a fashion website, I think it is as much a website about models and model culture as well as it is fashion (and I imagine Isaac would agree), and therefore criticism of models is fine in my opinion.

    I really am not quite sure what Murray is thinking here with Jasper in everything, he really just seems too feminine looking for these clothes, and what you imagine from Crane Brothers and the hair?? It just looks bizarre, like they kind of wanted it short but he wouldn’t cut it so they just tied it up in a matronly fashion??

    The suits are very cool as usual, but the shorts look a bit odd, maybe just a tiny bit longer or even a nice strong cuff would make them work I think.

    Re: any response or argument about “kiwi men dress bad blah blah blah” come on… Isn’t that a bit easy?? Some people aren’t interested in cooking/science/physics/art history/politics/fashion and thus don’t do it very well. Who cares?

  12. says

    I’d love kiwi men to wear shorts that are above the knee more than they do, those daggy man-pris make me want to stab my eyes.

    however I do think that if these Crane shorts were half to a whole size bigger they would look much better.

  13. Mark says

    The last four shots are ace, particularly the third last pic feat. the navy suit with floral shirt. Lovely.

    The shorts? Not so sure myself, though perhaps it’s the feminine face/hairy legs combo that’s putting me off.

    Murray & Co. – where are the brown brogues from?

  14. Anonymous says

    i love the plain and stylish look of this
    this is one of the best mens labels in nz. up there with zambesi
    sadly not many other great nz mens labels besides these and kate sylvester when she does mens stuff,
    thanks for the blog isaac, lots of mens fashion is great

  15. Qwert says


    Does anyone know about the construction of crane brothers suits i.e. are they fully / half canvassed or fused? Thanks.

  16. jim says

    always half canvas and fused, unless especially asked for full canvas then obviously the price would be substantially higher.

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