#1382 WORLD will show, Kate Sylvester might show – the gist of NZ Fashion Week’s designer announcement

Kate Sylvester backstage before her RAFW Spring 2010 show

No big surprises at the New Zealand Fashion Week announcement this afternoon bar the inclusion of WORLD on-schedule and the notable absence of Kate Sylvester. Word from the Kate Sylvester camp was that they’re not ruling out a runway appearance, they just haven’t made up their minds yet. According to a source, Sylvester has been umming and aahing over whether to show for the past few weeks. Also announced, American red carpet specialist Nicole Miller will hold an onsite catwalk presentation. Miller is best known for dressing celebrities like Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Blake Lively and is the sole international designer showing at Fashion Week. Finally, to commemorate 10 years of New Zealand Fashion Week, the final show of the week will be a retrospective celebrating the past decade of New Zealand fashion. Oh, and one more for the road – Kathryn Wilson will present the first ever shoe-specific show in the event’s history.

Full list of designers below.

Adrian Hailwood / Adrian Hailwood / AUCKLAND

Alexandra Owen / Alexandra Owen / WELLINGTON

Andrea Moore/ Andrea Moore/ AUCKLAND

Annah Stretton / Annah Stretton / MORRINSVILLE

Blak / Theresa Hodge / AUCKLAND

Celine Rita / Celina Rita / AUCKLAND

Claire Barker / Claire Barker / AUCKLAND

Cybele/ Cybele Wiren / AUCKLAND

Ellery / Kym Ellery / AUSTRALIA

Emma Ford / Emma Ford / AUCKLAND

Fernando Frisoni / Fernando Frisoni / AUSTRALIA

Huffer / Dan Buckley & Steve Dunstan / AUCKLAND

Jimmy D / James Dobson / AUCKLAND

Juliette Hogan / Juliette Hogan / AUCKLAND

Kagi/ Kat Gee / AUCKLAND

Karen Walker / Karen Walker / AUCKLAND

Kathryn Leah Payne / Kathryn Leah Payne / CHRISTCHURCH

Kathryn Wilson / Kathryn Wilson / AUCKLAND

Liz Mitchell / Liz Mitchell / AUCKLAND

Maaike/ Emile Pullar / Abby Van Schreven / AUCKLAND

Matchi Motchi / Ming Wei Li/ AUCKLAND

Megan Park / Megan Park / AUSTRALIA

Mena/ Agnes Loheni / AUCKLAND

Michael Pattison / Michael Pattison / AUCKLAND

Michelle Yvette/ Michelle Yvette / AUCKLAND

Miranda Brown / Miranda Brown / AUCKLAND

Never Black/ Jeremy Maclaurin / HAVELOCK NORTH

Nyne / Tina Patrick, Miranda Dawson and Jacob Scott-Simmond / HAMILTON

Nicole Miller / Nicole Miller / USA

Nom* D / Magarita & Chris Robertson / DUNEDIN

Riddle me this / Liz Turner / AUCKLAND

Ruby/ Christine Sharma / AUCKLAND

Sabatini / Tony Milich / AUCKLAND

Sable and Minx / Theresa Brady /AUCKLAND

Salasai / Kirsha Whitcher / HASTINGS

Sera Lilly / Sera Lilly / AUCKLAND

Star fish / Laurie Foon / AUCKLAND

Stitch Ministry / Kylee Davis / AUCKLAND

Stolen Girlfriends Club / Marc Moore & Dan Gosling / AUCKLAND

Trelise Cooper Kids / Trelise Cooper / AUCKLAND

Trelise Cooper / Trelise Cooper /AUCKLAND

Twenty Seven Names/ Anjali Stewart & Rachel Easting / WELLINGTON

Whiri.Taranakai / Keri Wanoa / Hemi Sundrgren / TARANAKAI

World / Denise L’Estrange-Corbet / AUCKLAND

Zambesi / Liz & Neville Findlay / AUCKLAND

Adrienne Whitewood/ Miromoda / AUCKLAND

Tanepekapeka /Amber Bridgman/ Miromoda / DUNEDIN

Black Grace/Ana Hau / Miromoda / AUCKLAND

Shikoba Clothing /Aroha Wikotu / Miromoda / WAIKATO

Blair Archibald / Miromoda / AUCKLAND

Urban Maori / Kereama Taepa / MiromodaAUCKLAND

Te Whiri / Shona Tawhio / Miromoda /AUCKLAND

Anna Schimmel / Anna Schimmel / New Zealand Wedding Collections / AUCKLAND

Crane Brothers/ Murray Crane / New Zealand Wedding Collection / AUCKLAND

Jane Yeh / Jane Yeh / New Zealand Wedding Collection / AUCKLAND

Kate Dowman / Kate Dowman / New Zealand Wedding Collection / AUCKLAND

Louise Anderson / Louise Anderson / New Zealand Wedding Collection / AUCKLAND

Modes / New Zealand Wedding Collection / NEWMARKET AUCKLAND

Vinka Brides / Vinka Lacus / New Zealand Wedding Collection / AUCKLAND


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  1. Anonymous says

    “Nicole Miller…is the sole international designer showing at Fashion Week”

    So I guess Australia isn’t international then.

  2. Anonymous says

    NOMd should be listed as dunedin, who the hell wrote the press release!
    when will it be known about kate sylvesters show?

  3. says

    There’s a lesson to be learned from this – never copy and paste from a press release.

    As for Kate Sylvester’s show – we’ll know when she decides either way, I guess.

  4. Anonymous says

    I had been thinking about skipping NZFW this year as spending all day at the place just to view a few interesting items didn’t seem to be worth my while. I’ve attended several times before and haven’t been too terribly impressed with the majority of the designs on any occasion.

    After seeing the lineup I’ll indeed skip as it’s just the usual suspects again. Yeah, there will be several designers’ collections, whose shows I was looking forward to, that I will miss. However, I can just make an appointment and view them privately if I’m so inclined; That way I can just relax and enjoy the clothes without having to deal with snotty fashionistas – always a plus

  5. Katherine says

    Re: Anon @ 12.10am – ‘Snotty Fashionistas’ – explain please? Are they the high and mighty types who ‘can just make appointments and view collections privately if so inclined’?

  6. says

    Well I would love to enjoy the clothes, ‘snotty fashionistas’ and all. Alas I am not well connected (despite strong desire of my own), so I will be following fashion week through Isaac and my usual blog roll.
    I think the line up is good. Although I would love Kate Sylvester to show as I am really liking her recent stuff.

  7. says

    when i saw the list on their site i said to my partner “boring same-o same-o dont know if i will spend the $40 this year” then she took a look and asked ” looks like almost everyone is there, who would you like to see?”. i couldn’t answer that maybe we’re just been too critical this year cuz we’ve been able to see a lot of the internationals live on line. little NZ is pretty lucky to have a fashion week really.

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