#1384 NZ Fashion Week and American Vogue – great minds think alike

Photos: Charles Howells and Annie Leibovitz

Well I’ll be. No sooner had I uploaded the NZ Fashion Week hero image to the blog this morning than an email arrived in my inbox with a link to the above Annie Liebovitz photo (thanks to Tim for the heads-up). It’s from American Vogue‘s July issue. Both feature models in upright packing boxes with cushioning materials spilling out. The similarities end there. One is a campaign to promote our fair nation’s annual Fashion Week, the other an editorial highlighting Alexander McQueen’s final collection. The NZ Fashion Week campaign idea was conceived by ad agency Colenso, with stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser and models chosen from the event’s Facebook-based New Talent competition. According to Charles Howells, who shot the campaign, the resemblance is obvious, but coincidental. “Yes, we did see the Vogue shoot, but not until after we’d shot the campaign. It’s just one of those things that happens,” he told me. “We weren’t inspired by it in any way. They’re similar but very different.” So there we have it.


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  1. oldgirl says

    very interesting, who thought of it first?. …, Issac did you see that great show on t.v” the day before ” on MARC JACOBS best t.v I have seen for a long time,next week SONIA RYKIEL worth watching

  2. oldgirl says

    it is on the docoumentry channel on sunday night it is called either ‘the day before; or ‘the week before’ it is showing during the week as well check up on sky also the show straight after is Lagerfeld putting his collecton to-gether it is a series too but it is in french but bloody good t.v. I did mysky the Jacobs one so I will have it when I am over my store and need to cheer myself up about this silly fashion industry it was that good.

  3. oldgirl says

    I am to old to remeber, I just get droped off there in the morning then picked up at the end of the day, taken back to the house put in the lazyboy, have the heat plump put on and watch mysky. long gone are days of sex, drugs and rock and roll, now it is heatpump, lazyboy and mysky. I LOVE MT LIFE

  4. Anonymous says

    ahhhh back to the post – this is so embarrassing. and we are going to show this to international media? JOKE!
    shows it never pays to copy, it always gets found out. and in this case its a case of being badly caught out. talk about sprung! love the comments that they were not aware, like whatever

  5. Anonymous says

    to anon at 6:18pm

    why is it that you cannot possibly believe that this is the truth and that the similarities these images share is merely a coincidence in timing?

    to think that a team including members of one of NZ’s biggest ad agencies decided to look to a single magazine editorial image and said “lets just copy that one, she’ll be right” is ridiculous and insulting.

    sometimes great minds do think alike – and NZ creatives are actually very capable of original thought!

  6. Tina says

    Just to add weight to that last comment, Idealog recently ran an interesting story on just that precept -people coming up with similar ideas independently (http://idealog.co.nz/magazine/28/casualties-coincidence).

    While I have no doubt some concepts are blatantly ripped off, I equally believe sometimes they do just happen coincidentally – the tricky part? We’ll never know for sure which is which

  7. Coffinup says

    Anybody feel its a little awkward putting McQueens new work in large human size boxes?
    Little tasteless.
    Just saying.

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