#1387 Rodd & Gunn’s (Wrangler inspired) reinvention

I’ll be honest – Rodd & Gunn is not a company I would ever have expected to blog about. It’s a brand I firmly associate with 50-something year old Canterburian men who drive Land Rovers and whose teenaged sons attend Christ’s College. But recently it seems as if the old boy’s been having a bit of a revamp. First up there was the new flagship on Osborne Street in Newmarket that looked more like a cool Southern American heritage store than a Kiwi chain, and now there’s this TV commercial (above). With its road movie references and country and western soundtrack, the advert achieves what no other local menswear chain ever has (to my knowledge) – it offers something fresh, current, interesting and good looking, but retains all its masculinity.

There’s none of that Hallensteins ‘It’s good to be a guy’ bravado, where the fact that menswear is being sold is apologised for and hidden behind multiple layers of macho jokes. Nor are there any rugby or beer references. All we see is a young, good looking, virile guy travelling across the country by foot, hitch-hiking, washing in the river, sleeping with fast women in cheap motels and brushing his teeth against a backdrop of South Island mountains. You know, a real man.

If this is the new direction forward for Rodd & Gunn, long may it continue. Other NZ menswear chains, take note.

Like Katherine has just kindly pointed out, I’m being slightly contradictory here. To clarify, my point is that the TV commercial looks good without having to resort to cheap gags. Yes it’s stereotypical, but I forgive it because it’s such an aesthetically pleasing change from the normal Kiwi menswear ad. That’s all.

Yikes. Thanks to an anonymous commenter I’ve just seen what the Rodd & Gunn commercial is, ahem, referencing – the above Wrangler ad. Wow. I don’t quite know what to say. Somebody should do a mashup.


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  1. says

    I don’t see how this is much different to the Hallensteins advertising concept. The fact that menswear is being sold is still being hidden behind multiple layers of macho stereotypes.

    If it had ‘It’s good to be a guy’ at the end of the ad, it wouldn’t go amiss.

    It’d probably be quite apt to be honest.

  2. Charlotte says

    I agree with Katherine. There’s still this whole Kiwi “This is what a ‘Real Man’ wears and if you wanna be one, wear this, act like this…”. I remember watching this and was waiting for the beer company to come up at the end, I thought it was an ad for beer.

  3. Anonymous says

    OMG??? In this day and age how on EARTH does R&G expect to get away with a blatant rip off??? Oh the shame being caught out as well it makes me hoot laughing!! Gosh I’d just love to hear what they had to say about it….lol


  4. Bloke says

    I think its fine. If i watched this advert for the first time i’d be interested in Rod & Gunn. And you can’t compare R&G with hallensteins.. R&G are in a league of their own. But lets not forget about R.M williams. lol

  5. Leonie says

    I was hoping it would be an appropriation of ideas, but alas, it’s blatant theft of intellectual property. There’s no inspiration nor reinvention. Is it even legal?

  6. Anonymous says

    Kind of a typical white boy road trip/hitchhiker thing going on in both ads – Neither really appeals to me that much. However, R&G do make some quality clothes and I’d know because I own some of their stuff.

    In regards to the macho stereotypes someone pointed out: Well, we are men, and not all of us wanna be dandies or prissy boys! 😉

  7. says

    I guess this is the first advertisement for R&G.

    Rodd & Gunn have had a quasi-diffusion range R&G for years. The idea is that R&G are clothes for the son of ‘Rod & Margaret’, who are the target market of Rodd & Gunn. Margaret can come in store and buy something for her husband and son at the same time.

    You should check their clothes out Isaac, some of them are super neat in a traditional/conservative way. I got my first pair of camel chinos there when I was about 19.

    Plus it’s button-down galore.

  8. Anonymous says

    The man responsible for writing the original wrangler commercial is a creative director at one of the largest agencies here in NZ.

  9. Anonymous says

    I recently saw the R&G ad in the cinema which incidentally was shortly after watching Palm video’s review of director Jonathan Glazer. Homage or rip? – in either case the Wrangler version was sincere whereas R&G “fluffed” it in my opinion. Not impressed.

  10. Laf45 says

    R&G just got nominated for best Male Brand in M2 magazine among Armani, Hugo Boss. I feel Rodd & Gunn are breathing a fresh life into its brand with R&G. The designer of R&G is the son of the designer of so-called ‘Classic’ Rodd & Gunn and has won awrds in other brands he has done.

    Inside information tells me to look out for this coming season as my English bf loves their stuff. Lot more dress jackets. They’re really letting the designer run with what he wants.

    I say keep the New Zealand take on European affliated designs coming R&G!

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