#1388 Hallensteins takes home the statue

Forget that last post, I am eating my words. Hallensteins has officially entered a new era. I don’t know if it’s the appointment of Wade Hawkins as Senior Product Manager that’s shaking things up, but getting Derek Henderson on board to shoot the TV commercials was a very good call. Alongside his work as one of Australasia’s top fashion photographers, Henderson directs all the Glassons ads. In my opinion, they’ve been the best we’ve had for a very long time. Until, perhaps, now. Check the Hallensteins commercial above. Holy mackerel that is a good looking ad. Featuring Tyson Mullane alongside Lewis Clegg, Malin Lundstedt, Ngahuia Williams and Derya Parlak, it’s basically sexy people doing sexy things in cool looking locations. Full credit, full credit. Now all that needs doing is an overhaul of Hallensteins’ actual clothes. Mr Hawkins, here’s lookin’ at you.

UPDATE: Full credit to Shine for conceptualising the Hallensteins TV commercial, and Robert Niwa and Zara Mirkin for styling.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Oh Lewis. When me and my flatmates were looking for someone to move in, we had an open house evening, and Lewis came along…he was so hot that none of us could string a complete sentence together and he must have thought we were all insane…he seemed like a really lovely guy though.

    The ad is def an improvement on the “good to be a guy” ads, buti don’t really get the narrative running through it?

  2. Anonymous says

    I reckon this is pretty darn good!! finally hallensteins have moved away from that over the top “good to be a guy” beer commercial stuff and realised they’re selling clothes… maybe they have figured out that people who buy clothes want to look fashionable?? I agree it looks like are heading into a new era… lets hope the clothes catch up to the advertising.

  3. Anonymous says

    A bit of research missing Issaac……credit where credit is due – Wade is fantastic but this isn’t his creative – until 6 weeks ago he was still working at Barkers. Shine and the guys at Hallensteins have been doing some good stuff for a while now….

  4. Anonymous says

    um yeah Isaac agree with above…bit of background research here wouldn’t go amiss….this Hallensteins add has been on air since early this year…credit where credit due

  5. Anonymous says

    yes this has been on tv for ages now and is pretty unremarkable actually.
    looks good in some parts and really gay in others. just average and not sure why this is news

  6. says

    while Hallensteins has done a good job on the ad and making their image a bit more fashion..
    … I personally hate when brands/designers use romance/sex etc to sell cothes. But that is most definitely just the lonely old spinster in me talking!!

  7. Anonymous says

    OK. So I’m converted to isaaclikes – my wife, as ever, right on trend

    When I was back in England earlier in the year, there had been a renaissance of the cheap and cheerful high street stores, which had gleefully gone on in my absence.

    Now everyone is mixing a few high-end major label pieces with throwaway tat and having fun. FUN! Remember that?

    So, why all the hate over here when a Kiwi staple genuinely tries to reinvent itself as something a little more wholesome? Is it really a dislike of the cut, or print, or colour? The texture, perhaps? Or is it just good, old-fashioned, plain old snobbery?

    To paraphrase a classic: You better keep moving boys, or you’ll get left behind

    Love your work Isaac.

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