#1390 New Zealand’s Next Top Model Premiere Live Blog

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  1. Anonymous says

  2. oldgirl says

    the girl with the freckles and a bit rough said she would be in prison etc she will win, the most interesting looking girl on the show, the Indian girl looks like one of the cast of Coro St and the rest I can not remeber and I know the twins so that can not count. I was a bit bored really

  3. Anonymous says

    Very bored 4 girls are already models from down south and holly was modelling for years and is in the last season of ANTM in the fashion show they did here and did all of lucie boshiers shows and heaps of others. And all these girls seemed surprised they got in?reality tv should be called unreality tv

  4. Anonymous says

    Anon number 1 – it’s a vintage inspired floral print – not exactly an original concept, so yes, they are similar, but hinting that Kate sylvester stole it from christopher kane is a bit silly. Have you looked at the rest of the collections? They are not similar at all.

  5. Anonymous says

    Dear anonymous, I do not wish to argue, I am only identifying a possible source of inspiration. And no, I have not noticed how common this elaborate, vintage bunch of flowers printed on contrasting fabric on the chest of this style of dress is.

  6. Juliet says

    So my little sisters friend is the second girl in this post http://www.isaaclikes.com/2010/06/1278-you-wanna-be-on-top-new-zealands.html , Jess Manson…I was watching it last night and I knew she had made it through to the final 21 (cos the confidentiality thing doesnt really work among teenage girls when all her friends knew she was auditioning and then she had to miss the school ball for mysterious reasons)…anyway I was watching out for her and the only time you saw her in the whole episode was when they flashed the names up of who made it through the first elimination, and then another tiny half-a-second shot of her with her hair obscuring her face…if i wasnt trying to see her totally wouldn’t have known she was there…i know they can only show so many faces and its the ones who get thru to the final 13 and any others who are good tv, but to not even show her face i thought was a bit shocking and kind of disappointing for her and everyone who is watching to see her!

  7. Anonymous says

    Wouldn’t the girls from Duedin represented already by AliMcd go on 62s books anyway….. like all of AliMcd’s other models who want an international career????

  8. Anonymous says

    Probably why it doesn’t really matter that they are already on contract with Ali Mcd, perhaps if they were to win the contract with 62 there would be a similar arrangement in place as there is with the other Ali Mcd models represented by 62? And even if they don’t win Top Model the show might fast track them to representation by 62..

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