#1391 Meet the New Zealand’s Next Top Model contestants


Here are your final 14 New Zealand’s Next Top Model girls, in alphabetical order, as shot by Russ Flatt on the premiere episode last night. It’s too early to be passing judgement at this stage, but on first glance I’m liking the looks of Aafreen, Courtenay, Dakota and Michaela. Those twins should last a good five or six episodes just on drama factor alone so it’ll be interesting to watch how they progress.

Check them all out below.















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  1. says

    I think Dakota was the best by far, then followed by Aafreen. Disappointed that they took both of the twins (obviously there’s no point to having two people who look the same other than the entertainment factor) but we will say. Anyway I hope to see Dakota do well.

  2. Anonymous says

    Dakota and Amelia wow. It’s always the mixed blood models that make me look twice. I reckon Dakota looks like a Rich African American Princess! Kinda like The Princess and the Frog.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think Aafreen is just so super gorgeous! She looks different but she seems to be able to switch to mainstream well

  4. L says

    Love it how Aafreen is listed on August at 5’9 and AliMcD at 5’11. Basically in my view they are pretty girls, but models… probably not. I don’t understand how NZNTM has not got quality like the Cadbury Dream model search with Nova had a few years back (Kathleen, Bella, Courtney and Amy are all working away out there).

  5. Anonymous says

    Aafreen is 5’11.

    The images up on August’s website and other details

    are more then 2 years old.

    AliMcd is her mother Agent apparently…….

  6. maggie says

    your a fucking ugly troll you piece of mouldy cat shit. shame bitch you will die alone, stop writng nasty shit bout ppl you dont know, fuck your one rude mother fucker. cunt

  7. Anonymous says

    My personal opinion…Aafreen should have been amongst the top 4…her elimination creates a huge doubt in my mind about the elimination process and the judgement of the panel. This is a show for the search for a top model and not drama and filth floating around. Why on earth is trash still in there??? Can anyone explain…please.

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